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Bucureşti, RO

Project Details

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Smart City is the city connected with technology through technology. Connectivity, in a smart city, is the essential element from which we start when it comes to implementing smart solutions dedicated to smart cities. For any device that has the role of collecting data or transmitting real-time information requires adequate connectivity, allowing good ergonomics of data management.

The company quickly adapted to new technological appearances that offer digital comfort and extraordinary practical facilities. New mobile terminals (smart phones) are created based on the needs of users, thus providing an increasingly complete experience in terms of connectivity speed and Internet quality on mobile. The evolution of fulminant in this sense is a challenge for any internet provider.

In step with the evolution of connectivity, Orange tests, together with the municipality of Alba Iulia, within the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City, 228 Wi-Fi access points in public areas of tourist interest (bus station, Alba Carolina Citadel, Alba Iulia City Hall ), in several educational establishments in Alba Iulia: University  “1 December 1918 “, College  “Horia, Cloșca and Crișan ” and technical College  “Dionisie Pop Marțian” and in 15 buses of the Public Transport Company Alba Iulia.

From the point of view of improving the learning experience through connectivity, the Orange project consists of installing Wi-Fi hotspots with secure Internet Wi-Fi and differentiated policies for use (teachers, pupils/students, Visitors) for university  “1 December 1918 “, College  “Horia, Cloșca and Crișan ” and the Economic College  “Dionisie Pop Marțian”. Hotspots aim for Wi-Fi coverage in the following areas of educational interest: auditorium and event halls, common areas where students and students, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, etc. are gathered most often.

Technical specifications

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From a technical point of view, Orange uses for outdoor equipment Cisco 1572, while for indoor locations are installed Cisco 2700 equipment.

The elements of the central architecture are:

  • The controller that administers access points, retrieves the login information and forwards it to AAA and the one that effectively authenticates customers by integrating with platform SDM, which contains the HLR and HSS used for Client authentication in cellular networks;
  • Wi-Fi GW is the one that takes the user’s traffic after authentication and anchors it in the network’s mobile core, providing a transparent experience regardless of the access technology used (2g, 3g, 4g or Wi-Fi).



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For citizens and tourists:

  • Free high-speed internet;
  • Possibility to use photos taken in Alba Iulia in social media;
  • Wi-Fi hotspots are public libraries: everyone has free connection and can use it to access public services, search for jobs, entertainment or education;
  • Residents and tourists can enjoy a better travel experience and get real-time information about public transport so that they can plan their mobility routes more efficiently;
  • Internet connection without roaming fees for foreign tourists.


For the municipality:

  • In conjunction with the City Analytics application, Wi-Fi hotspots help detect congestion zones and track mobility behaviors;
  • Provides opportunity for the administration to connect the city.
  • Capacity to govern more effectively the community and to provide better public services to people;
  • Digital marketing tool of great utility;
  • The local economy can benefit from growth, thanks to a larger number of tourists who are aware of the free internet in the city.