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Alba Iulia, RO

Project Details

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Alba Iulia needs consistent information for the development of the tourism strategy. As no one has the perfect solution for attracting and maintaining the number of tourists in a city, the only sensible way to see what works and what is not to measure various aspects of the city’s popularity and to draw conclusions In on the tourist behavior of our city visitors.
Certainly, an important aspect to be pursued is consumer behaviour, in other words that are sold and bought in the city and which is the extrapolated budget of a tourist.
WhiteRCPT is a personal budget solution developed by the company WhiteCity Code. The application allows the user to aggregate and consolidate their own expenses by scanning personal tax vouchers. For Alba Iulia, WhiteRCPT will create a special section in the app, which will allow prospective tourists to see average costs by categories of a visit to Alba Iulia and to calculate their costs in advance.
The application will also provide anonymised and aggregated statistics about the budgetary behaviour of tourists from the city to Alba Iulia City Hall, in support of decision-making at the municipal level.
The White RCPT mobile app is still in the development phase and will be available for the time being for owners of IOS phones only.

White RCPT is an application dedicated to citizens and tourists.

Technical specifications

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The WhiteRCPT application is developed for the IOS operating system, using the native Swift and is supported by a server application developed in Haskell. The app allows users to register in a classic way or with your Facebook account for easy access.
Haskell is a functional language with desirable stability and fairness characteristics in an application like WhiteRCPT. The WhiteCity Code developer is one of the few in the country using functional technologies, although they are very popular outside the country.
The server-side application uses Machine Learning techniques to read the photos of the vouchers, but also provides the user with the ability to correct the read information. In the future, these corrections will be incorporated into the application algorithm to improve the prediction capacity of the system.

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Benefits for citizens and tourists

WhiteRCPT is a personal budgeting application that allows the user to photograph a tax receipt, after which all relevant information is automatically read from it. For the user, this means the possibility of finding a receipt at any time in an easy manner to present it to the guarantee or return, the possibility of constantly seeing the structure of personal expenses or their amount and the possibility of storing the vouchers a long time, in a safe mode.


Benefits for Municipality

The WhiteRCPT application will allow tourists to see the average costs per category of a city visit, will provide anonymised and aggregated statistics about the budgetary behaviour of tourists and will come with the aggregated data package. This will allow decision making on local taxes and taxes, will contribute to administrative projections on future revenue and will assess how solid the supply of goods and services around tourism in Alba Iulia is.