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Petrosani, RO

Project Details

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A new virtual space, designed to promote the largest fortress in Romania, the Alba Carolina Citadel, is available for Romanian and foreign tourists. The platform “Virtual Tour Fortress Alba Carolina” is a project carried out by CompaniaEuro Jobs, whereby the Alba Carolina Fortress becomes alive for users around the world. Virtual tours on a dedicated web platform provide tourists with 3D VR (Virtual Reality) glasses, the chance to feel present in Alba Iulia wherever they are in the world, allowing the viewing of monuments and sights from all Angles at 360 degrees.
Virtual tours include monuments and objectives from the citadel of Alba Carolina, but also from the fortification trenches: Batthyaneum Library, Citadel Square, Gate III, West side of the Citadel, the Principia Museum, the Roman Catholic cathedral, Coronation Cathedral, Unirii Hall, Roman Square, Toboșarului Square, Japanese garden.
The Smart Solutions Exhibition for Smart City seamlessly integrates the EuroJobs project into the category of projects that bring through the vision of this (virtual tour) into the past (the city of Unirii) and give the possibility to the vision of an integrated future. Anyone who possesses a smart phone can make a virtual tour with a single click. In this way, Euro Jobs contributes to the (re) discovery of history through new high tech technology.
As well as virtual reality, dedicated to the monuments of the Alba Carolina Citadel, Euro Jobs also made a presentation film of the city, which integrates excellently into the dimensions of the pilot project “Alba Iulia Smart City 2018”, which is tested and studied the impact of modern technologies, which compose the elements necessary for a smart city.

The project “Virtual Tour Citadel Alba Carolina” is dedicated to citizens and tourists. The web platform on which the tour is located can be accessed here.

Technical specifications

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Virtual tours will be hosted in the Cloud by the time of 01.03.2019 and will be accessible at no cost to all users.


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For citizens:

• The possibility of exploration by users around the world of the places of history;
• Rediscovering the cultural stories of Alba Iulia, in the year of centenary;
• The possibility to “travel ” through Alba Iulia with the help of VR (Virtual reality) technology;
• The possibility to see and explore, with the help of virtual reality, the tourist attractions of the city of Alba Iulia.

For the municipality:

• Promoting the city in which the future was born at national and international level;
• Attract new visitors to the city;
• The possibility of developing services dedicated to VR technology, which can bring even more tourists to Alba Iulia.