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In the current context, in which the ever-increasing installation of video surveillance systems at the level of cities puts a great deal of pressure on the human resource allocated to the monitoring activities of video streams, the aid provided by the technology for the efficiency of Specific activities of a video surveillance dispatch becomes absolutely necessary.

The exponential growth of video content (both “live” and recorded) makes it increasingly difficult to detect unwanted events by the human operator in the monitoring Dipeceratul in due time. A study conducted in the United States in 1999 (Green, 1999) reveals that the attention of a human operator that tracks a single monitor/camcorder decreases dramatically after only 20 minutes, reaching “missing” almost 95% of events.

One of the parents of artificial intelligence, Simon Herb, said that “an increase in the amount of information leads to a decrease in attention”, reaching the conclusion that “modern, informational society needs not systems that provide more and more A lot of information, but by systems capable of filtering the relevant information. ”

Starting from the above, Direct One proposes to the municipality, within the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City, a professional video analysis solution that can operate both offline and online, integrated with an existing video surveillance system .

The off-line solution allows uploading video files from external media and analyzing them according to the requirements, producing a compressed video file (synopsis), which presents only the events envisaged, so that the human operator must check just a few minutes of video information for each recording hour. The online solution integrates a monitoring system (VMS) already installed, allowing the same facilities in real time.

In the “synopsis” result, multiple filters can be applied, such as presenting events/objects (people, cars, luggage, etc.) by size, color, walking direction, time interval and much more).

Starting from the existence of a video monitoring dispatch and from proposals for implementation within “Alba Iulia Smart City 2018” of pilot projects that provide for the installation of video surveillance cameras at the level of the municipality, Direct One proposes to install a video analysis system, either off-line or on-line variant (depending on the type and characteristics of the existing VMS) that provide the necessary functionality to a modern city such as:

  • Create a synopsis video that compresses an hour of video recording only a few minutes;
  • Indexing video files by multiple criteria/objects (machines, people, color, direction, size etc.) allowing “searching” in the video file that in any database;
  • Detecting events of activity type/inactivity in selected areas (pre), objects left/moved, tracking of urban services (trash, public transport, etc.);
  • Defining heat map maps as well as priority travel directions (very important in the efficiency of pedestrian movement in a park or pedestrian zone for example);
  • Counting and classifying objects (people, cars) by multiple criteria.
  • Installation of the system can be done within the dispatch of the existing video surveillance at the level of the municipality (most likely within the local police dispatch), which is already authorized for all urban video surveillance operations.

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Technical specifications

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From a hardware/software point of view, the proposed solution is the single user type, a single synopsis tracking post and contains the following elements:

  • Video Server – Intel CPU 6 Core (i7-3930k 3.2 GHz or Intel Xeon E5-1650 3.2 GHz or equivalent), 32 GB RAM, 240GB SSD for operating system, 2TB HDD for application and database. Windows Server operating System 2012 R2 or Windows 7 or Windows 10 (64-bit, latest SP with Microsoft .net 4.5), Gigabit network interface;
  • Dispatcher (min. requirements) – Quad Core CPU (Intel i7-3770 3.50 GHz), 8GB RAM, Windows operating system 7, 64-bit (. NET 4.0) Gigabit network interface, dedicated graphics card.
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  • Discouragement of crime;
  • Increased public safety;
  • Recorded images can be used as evidence by the law people in certain situations;
  • Remote security control.