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Bucureşti, RO

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Public sanitation services hold an ungrateful function for a city, but extremely necessary and vital. In Romania these services do not have any clear, transparent costs reported to a unique, absolute performance indicator. It can only be said that in some cities the cost of sanitation per inhabitant is much higher than in other cities. The audit conducted in August 2015 by the Institute of Public Policy ( shows that the least efficient public service at urban level in Romania is the sewer and water, while paradoxical sanitation services are the most efficient.

In the current context, due to the increase in sanitation tariffs by introducing the tax from January 1st 2017 for landfill waste, worth 80 LEI/tonne, it is necessary to identify solutions for reducing and optimizing costs related to collection and transport of waste.

The Direct One company proposes municipality, within the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City, a solution for intelligent management and waste collection based on sensors able to signal the time when the garbage containers reach a volume of 80%.

In addition, the sensor box that is mounted on a container transmits more information: temperature – an alert when the temperature in the container exceeds 100 degrees C (catches fire), anti-theft – when changing position, GPS location and others.

The mode of transmission of information is encoded through the LoRaWAN network. Direct one will use its own LoRaWAN network, with a LoRaWAN gateway installed and for other public services. The gateway is connected to the Internet and will allow bidirectional communication with sensors mounted on containers for approx. 2-3 km.

Technical specifications

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The installation of the Intelligent waste Management system will comprise 3 components:

  • The Web Administration solution, which will be installed within the dispatch of the sanitation operator and in Alba Iulia City Hall;
  • Sensors on containers, which will be installed on containers where citizens bring waste most often sorted;
  • The mobile application, which will be accessible to drivers to be informed about the optimum waste collection routes on any day – we will analyze the integration of the Direct One solution with other fleet management solutions.From a hardware/software point of view, the proposed solution for Web Administration “waste collector” is the type of a license with a maximum of 5 users and does not require any special requirements to be installed on existing laptops or PCs.
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The optimisation of waste management activities will lead to both the optimization of routes and the reduction of the sanitation costs of the Alba Iulia City Hall, which have increased since the beginning of 2017 due to the new legal provisions.

It will also help to make the use of the local budget allocated to sanitation services more efficient.

The degree of efficiency of these public services can be evaluated by simply comparing to the situation prior to the installation of the system (costs versus tonnes of waste collected on a unit of time), but also through a newly introduced performance parameter that thus far it could not be measured and followed: the average collection time (time elapsed from filling a container with waste until it was emptied into the sanitation machine).