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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The Urban Energy Management Platform is an energy consumption and cost monitoring software system running in the cloud.

Specifically, data gathered through BMS (Building Management System) components are processed in cloud through this software platform, generating consumption trends and benchmarking. The data are automatically read from the Building Energy Management System or from existing or additionally mounted blank counter metering.

Methods of data processing and analysis are Monitoring & Targeting (M & T) – Statistical and Measurement & Verification (M & V) methods – according to IPPMV (International Performance Protocol for Measurement and Verification and Demand Response).

The system delivers real-time recommendations to allow action to be taken in a short time based on the information provided.

Technical specifications

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The functionalities of the software platform are:

  • Statistical processing of consumption data and energy cost;
  • Monitoring and targeting (M & T);
  • Measurement and verification of energy savings (M & V);
  • Adaptive graphical view of energy consumption curves.


Generated outputs (data, information, output status generated):

  • Consumption correlation with influence factors, (non) controllable;
  • Potential Energy Efficiency Quantification;
  • Quantification of energy savings.
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Impact in the smart cities/communities

  • Reduction of operational costs with energy utilities
  • Increasing the indoor comfort in public buildings
  • Increasing the integration of local renewable energy sources
  • Active participation as aggregate prosumer on the energy market with Demand Response system services
  • Real-time and optimized energy consumption management
  • Aggregation of utilities consumption and centralized acquisition, with advantageous negotiation of energy prices
  • The possibility of changing energy flows between public buildings, optimizing the production balance from local renewable sources and energy consumption.