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Bucureşti, RO

Project Details

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The Orange solution for tourism promotion and interaction with citizens, developed under the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City, consists in implementing a platform of proximity mobile marketing (proximity marketing) and aims to promote Strategic objectives in the City of Great Union, as well as interaction with citizens. By implementing this project, Alba Iulia became the first city in Romania to have a permanent communication solution with tourists and its citizens through sensors (beacons) and one of the first European cities to adopt this technology.

The innovative way to provide tourists with a better experience in visiting the city falls into the strategy of becoming a “smart city” not at declarative level, but on a practical level, involving this cutting-edge technology both for the benefit of tourists and its citizens.

The basic element in this project developed by Orange together with Zoniz partner is the e-AlbaIulia application, which can be downloaded and used on any smartphone. The application is a virtual guide of the tourist visiting Alba Iulia and a very useful tool regarding the communication of local government with citizens.

e-AlbaIulia works on Bluetooth technology, with the help of a number of sensors – beacons – install in the most important areas of the city. Through beacons, tourist information with a virtual guide role for tourists is transmitted in the application, but also information related to upcoming events taking place in Alba Iulia, treasure-hunts (circuits consisting of several Campaigns), contests or even vouchers for the HoReCa segment in the city.

Besides the tourist component, e-AlbaIulia, along with the innovative technology that works, is a particularly useful solution in local administration, on the intelligent governance side: Through Beacons, the municipality has the opportunity to Send in the application public interest messages, announcements, event programs in the city, work situation on various streets or areas, weather warnings even other messages that are designed to create better communication with citizens.

The sights that “communicate ” directly with the visitors via the e-AlbaIulia application are: National Museum of Unity, Apor Palace, Union Hall, Gate I of the fortress, Gate III of the of the fortress, Gate IV of the fortress, Southern Gate of the Roman Fort , The Route of the Three Fortifications, The Route of The Heroes of the Nation, the City Square, the equestrian statue of Michael the Brave, the Obelisk of Horia, Cloșca and Crișan, the Alba Iulia Fortress (the city square and the surrounding areas), the University “1 December 1918 “, The Park Arboretum, etc.


The e-AlbaIulia application can be downloaded from here:

For Android devices: Download Link.

For devices with IOS: Download Link.


e-AlbaIulia is an intelligent solution that addresses both the citizens of the city and the local government and tourists.


Technical specifications

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The tourist promotion solution and interaction with citizens has as a means of digital communication the e-AlbaIulia application and includes 178 of beacons installed up to this point in the proximity area of more than 200 sights of tourist and public interest (museums, University, fortress, hospitality units, statues, cathedrals, markets, etc.).

The method of operation of the application is as follows: from the Zoniz platform dedicated to the application, are uploaded and published via Bluetooth Technology, tourist information, digital tourist marketing campaigns and information of interest citizen. The feed (published messages) goes directly to the mobile phone of visitors or citizens who have installed the application and enabled the Bluetooth function of the phone. When opening, the application prompts the user to activate the Bluetooth function.

Summing up, smart project dedicated to smart tourism and e-government, run by Orange, is based on an integrated software-hardware platform that includes:

  • a web platform;
  • a digital campaign management module;
  • mobile application e-AlbaIulia;
  • a social media integrator;
  • a beacon hardware network and its full management;
  • a real-time reporting and statistics module;
  • support and training services.


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For citizens:

This component of the Orange project in Alba Iulia Smart City facilitates the active participation of the community in the development of the city by engaging citizens in personalized opinion polls directly in the application and by increasing accessibility Information of public interest (through notifications and informative campaigns transmitted through the e-AlbaIulia mobile application).

For tourists:

  • Setting goals and activities for visiting Alba Iulia;
  • Virtual exploration before choosing the city as a leisure place;
  • Information on upcoming events to be held in Alba Iulia;
  • Access to useful information regarding mobility within the city;
  • Opportunity to take part in treasure hunts and other interactive activities;
  • Opportunity to take part in contests organised in the application;
  • Possibility to receive discount vouchers in the hospitality sector and benefit from prizes.

For the municipality:

  • Direct, instant and effective communication with citizens;
  • The conduct of surveys with subjects of public interest within the application;
  • Transparency relationship with people in the community.