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Bucureşti, RO

Project Details

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Dedicated to the urban mobility area, the parking sensors network proposed by Vegacomp Consulting within the Alba Iulia Smart City project includes up to 50 Iotify model sensors produced in Romania, which will be installed in a parking area in Municipality. Based on the principle of measuring changes in the magnetic field of the earth when a large metallic mass represented by a motor vehicle appears nearby, the sensors can accurately measure the occupation of the parking spaces, the information being transmited by a standardised radio system (LoRAWAN), already installed locally by other partners. Signals received from sensors will be integrated with specialized intelligent parking applications available from other partners in the Alba Iulia Smart City project and will be accessible to citizens and tourists. In addition, the municipality has access through the IOTiFY application to administrative reports.
The sensor network can be easily expanded in other areas, or at the city level, and parking applications are stored and managed in the cloud, being easily accessible from a computer or mobile phone browser.

Technical specifications

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Wireless parking sensors: 

  • Operating frequency: 868 MHz;
  • Communication Tehnology: LoRaWAN;
  • Transmitting power: +14 DBM;
  • Operating temperature: -30 de grade C /+ 70 de grade C;
  • Dimensions: 70 mm (high) x 62 mm (diameter);
  • Senzitivity RX: -148 DBM;
  • Antenna type: internal
  • Baterie internă: litiu Thionyl;
  • Mass: 286 g;
  • Detection time: 15 MS;
  • Load support: 20 de tone;
  • Detection range: 400 mm.



Smart parking sensors in the media

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The proposed network allows testing in the real environment of a network of dedicated parking sensors, instaled easily in parking spaces regardless of type and coating (asphalt, cubic stone, slabs).
Produced in Romania, sensors can be easily adapted to the location and maintained, including through local companies. Through design and production, the sensors have been thought for a reliable operation, the special battery providing power for over 5 years.
Data collected by the sensor network can easily integrate with the necessary parking applications to citizens and tourists, ensuring better mobility at the city level and reducing pollution due to car traffic reduction in search of parking spaces.
In addition, the municipality has access through the Iotify application to statistically scheduled occupancy reports, which allows the development of regulations on mobility and taxation. For the testing period of the network, additional reports on the availability/reliability of the sensors, the accuracy of the flag of occupation, the number of monthly interventions, etc. will be generated.