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Bucureşti, RO

Project Details

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Vegacomp Consulting’s Smart Metering solution includes a 3-way device that transmits meters indexes for electricity, water and gas consumption with an adjustable frequency according to needs and requirements. The equipment also allows installation of additional sensors (temperature, humidity, smoke, gas, etc.).
The solution combines the modernization solutions (retro-fit) for reading the existing gas meters (Elster type) with water and electricity meter solutions that transmit information on dedicated radio networks (LoRAWAN).
On existing gas meters, a cable is mounted that transmits data to a transceiver, which is intended to transmit data to a server and a Smart metering application, via radio LoRA (optional GSM).
The purpose of smart metering solution is not only to read some indexes, but to intelligently use the data from the counters to optimize the cost of utilities. The Smart metering application allows you to view almost real-time consumptions for all 3 types of counters (electricity, water and gas), transmitting alerts that may signal water loss or unjustified electricity consumption. In addition, this solution allows the subsequent installation of other types of sensors or automation equipment, to do various actions to optimize/reduce the costs of utilities.
Being hosted in the cloud, the consumption monitoring application can easily be accessed from a computer or mobile phone browser.
The smart metering solution will be tested in 3 municipal buildings, and can be easily expanded and used in houses, administrative buildings, business offices, etc.

Technical specifications

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IOTIFY Smart Metering with LoRaWAN

Device Model: ISM-L01

Description: Modbus to LoraWAN interface module

Wireless communication: LoraWAN 868/915MHz

Comunication interval: 10 minutes default – configurable remote

Range: up to 15 km

Meter interface: RS485 – Modbus

Number of meters: up to 247 – 1 default

Power supply: 4,6 to 5 V DC

Dimensions: 53x90x71mm

Enclosure IP20

Operating temperature -40 to 105 degrees

Smart metering kit in the media

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The intelligent metering solution will be tested for the 3 buildings of the Vasile Goldis School in Alba Iulia, for the transmission of data being available LoRaWAN radio networks installed locally by other partners.
Access to data and reports will be provided by application available for administrative staff and with energy responsibilities personell.
The intelligent metering solution is extremely important in the actions of increasing energy efficiency, transparency and cost reduction with utilities from the local budget.
In addition, reports on measurement accuracy, kit reliability/number of interventions, reliability of the transmission, application availability will be generated.
The solution can be easily extended, with major effects on energy consumption, costs, and pollution reduction at the city level.