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Bucuresti, RO

Project Details

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The offered smart lighting solution is an end-to-end system combining super-efficient LED lights (typical power savings >70%), with a smart city gateway ready to host and provide the communication means to a large variety of devices and sensors.

To further improve the LED lighting efficiency, the uiTOP platform (part of the provided end-to-end solution) facilitates real time remote control of individual equipment or groups of Smart Lights enabling actions like on, off, dimming, monitoring of lighting specific parameters such as energy consumption, operating hours and operating status per Smart Light as well as per group of Smart Lights.

Acknowledging the permanent need for communication and access to information, INTRAROM facilitates free access to high speed internet services for the citizens of Alba Iulia by providing a public Wi-Fi hotspot in the testing area. The functionality is ensured by the multifunctional gateway integrated into the luminaire.

Taking advantage of the Bluetooth functionality that is also embedded in the multi-functional communication gateway that is integrated into the luminaire, INTRAROM will also deliver ten (10) smart button devices (SOS buttons) for the use of selected demo users. These are very compact devices that usually hang on key rings and have a built-in Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter that communicates with the gateways embedded in the smart lights.
When in the PoC area, citizens have the possibility to signal alerts related to health or safety emergencies. In full deployment, the entire town lighting infrastructure serves in transmitting the invaluable alert signals in an automatic, fast and secure way.

The solution uses secure and private M2M networks and implements highest encryption for sending data.

Technical specifications

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LED Street Lighting Specs:

  • Robust Design: IP66, IK09;
  • Variety of models: from 35 to 175W;
  • Top efficiency: >135lm/W;
  • Light Colors: 5000K (cool), 4000K (neutral), 3000K (warm);
  • Housing: corrosion resitant die-cast aluminium;
  • Refractor in flat toughened glass to prevent upward light;
  • Gear with Philips XITANIUM driver, optional programable, 1-10V or DALI. SPD and EMI as per request;
  • Integrated gateway.

Gateway specs:

  • Connectivity: 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet;
  • WLAN: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 B/G/N, 2.4GHz for connectivity (max. 6 additional networks);
  • Bluetooth 4.1, BLE;
  • GNSS: GPS L1 band (CDMA 1575.42MHz);
  • GLONASS L1 Band (FDMA 1602MHz);
  • UMTS: Micro Sim slot;
  • RTC: Battery buffered;
  • Internal interfaces: USB, UART, Ethernet;
  • Stand-by consumption: 2.7W (without sensors);
  • Ambient temperature range: -20°C to +65°C.


Public Wi-Fi specs:

  • Two (2) simultaneous SSIDs (one public, one corporate);
  • Hotspot access through a simple “click to connect” page;
  • Traffic shaping;
  • Up to 50 consecutive users per streetlight;
  • Backhaul connection: 4G or Ethernet;
  • All hardware (except small antenna) incorporated into Smart Light casing;
  • No additional visual impact;
  • No additional installation works.


Portable SOS button devices:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy transmitting technology;
  • Each device assigned to a specific type of alert (health/safety);
  • Real time alert transmission and notification;
  • Battery lifetime ~4 years (depending on usage);
  • GPS coordinates (of nearby light) included in the alert message.
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The proposed solution generates massive reductions in power consumption, power costs, and maintanance works. The reduction of energy consumption leads to reduction of CO2 emissions of ~ 150 kg CO2 equivalents per light and per year.

One of the streetlights acts as Wi-Fi access point to deliver public free internet access to the citizens of Alba Iulia. In a large scale deployment cities can benefit from sharing the same Wi-Fi infrastructure to multiple customers.

The proposed architecture offers also a technically simple and cost-effective solution that responds to the critical need of ensuring citizen safety. This is a discreet and instant mean of signaling threats and medical alerts, ensuring a faster depolyment of the response task forces on the referred spot. uiTOP platform’s ability to realise cross-platform actions enables the triggering of further actions (e.g. blinking LED lighting on spot, camera feedback from area of interest etc).

The proposed solution actually transforms public lighting into revenue generating multi-purpose devices and increases the asset value. The lighting city infrastructure incorporates the deployment and operation of a strategic smart city communication network with zero aesthetic impact.

  • Complete end-to-end solution;
  • Amortization by energy saving;
  • Secure data processing;
  • Secure data transmission;
  • Secure hosting infrastructure;
  • No additional installation required;
  • No additional IT required;
  • Neutral to the city architecture;
  • One multifunctional system – no unnecessary product bundling;
  • One sustainable installation for multiple value added services.