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Sibiu, RO

Project Details

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The concept of intelligent city proposed by Industrial Software for the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project involves the implementation of five innovative software solutions that come to the aid of citizens and the municipality, and one of them is the mobile app for Incident Reporting – SMART ALERT ALBA IULIA with which citizens will be able to transmit incidents seen on the streets of the city, directly from their mobile phone to City Hall Dispatch.
The electronic Incident Reporting service will be accessible from both the institution’s website and a free mobile application. The mobile app is available for all mobile device owners (tablet, smartphone), regardless of the operating system used (Android or IOS).
Depending on the type of incident transmitted, the factors empowered, through the city hall, will resolve the issues reported, and citizens will be able to follow in real time the status of the incident reports.
STATUS: Currently both mobile applications (IOS and Android) and the Web map for incident reporting are functional, and will enter the evaluation period.

The 2 mobile apps are available for free on Google Play and the App Store:

Web map address on the City Hall website is:

Technical specifications

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• Citizens will turn the problems of the city streets into incidents that they will transmit directly from the mobile device to the City Hall dispatch of Alba Iulia Municipality. They will choose the type of incident, helping the involved parts to resolve them in shortest possible time.;
• The application allows the classification of incidents in the categories used by technical dispatch, accompanied by the current geographic coordinates and photographs of the site of the incident;
• With a friendly interface, the application is available to all owners of mobile devices (tablets, smart phones);
• The application is integrated with the technical dispatch of the Municipality of Alba Iulia: reported incidents are automatically received by the dispatch operators, the citizen may be able to follow in real time the status of the resolution of the reported incidents;
• The application can be used offline without an active data connection and allows you to synchronize information when the user enters a perimeter covered by a wireless network.

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For citizens

• Increasing the quality of the services offered, through a citizen-oriented approach, aimed at ensuring greater satisfaction in relation to the city’s institution.
• Diversification of the range of services made available, by electronic means, on-line, with impact and high utility.
• Increasing accessibility of citizens, including persons with disabilities, irrespective of location or time, to services in the area of local public administration, through the use of modern and efficient technologies, which eliminate the need Physical movement at City Hall locations and ensures permanent availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Increasing visibility and improving the image of the institution, translating into practice the concept of “smart city” through an electronic administration system that promotes increased value-added services.
• Facilitating participatory administration by opening up to the citizen and ensuring the transparency of the Administrative act.

For Administration

• Increased operational capacity to provide public services through the information system that facilitates the provision of alternative services (electronic services, on-line) to those traditionally rendered.
• Optimizing the working mode and streamlining internal flows in the context of automating certain processes pertaining to the delivery of public services.
• Increased labour productivity and cost reduction by reducing the time and effort required by public officials in terms of digitizing the public services offered.
• Bring the state-of-the-art technology in the field of “Smart administration”.
• Develop the skills of employees by acquiring the latest IT knowledge.
• Align the work of the municipality of Alba Iulia to European Union standards on local administration and data processing.