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reţeauaEDU – AB is all about evolution

The innovative project for school network in Alba Iulia, reteauaEDU – AB aims to promote digital literacy in education using Moodle open source eLearning solution. eLearning & Software is the only Moodle partner for Romania since 2013.

All schools in Alba Iulia can reach out to their eLearning platform in All they have to do is register the institution directly from the portal or send an e-mail to

A pilot program is implemented in two highschools with unlimited access to reteauaEDU’s functionalities:

  • National College “Horea, Cloșca și Crișan”
  • Economics College “Dionisie Pop Marțian”

Teachers in Alba Iulia have the opportunity to take part in free trainings and webinars, and students have access to a number of national competitions.

We organize thematic trainings, within the two highschools, but also during MoodleMoot Romania 2018 event, this year under the Alba Iulia Smart City concept. On 27 – 31 August at “1 December 1918” University is the annual meeting of the Romanian eLearning community and passionate Moodle users.



Technical specifications

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rețeauaEDU – AB makes available to school units a powerful system developed in Moodle infrastructure that can manage content, tests, information, audio and video materials.

Each of the two pilot units will benefit from the following PREMIUM service set:

  • subdomain, of the form
  • access to public activities on the including national competitions
  • access to CCD training offer
  • access to the eLearning & Software training offer through:
  • access to online training offer through thematic webinars via:
      • Examples of successful webinars:
      • How to find and use online multimedia
      • How to start developing online courses
      • Create an online course with Moodle
      • Demonstrate the development of an online course
      • Communicate effectively the key to personal and professional success
      • Attenuation of climate change
      • Combating food waste
      • hosting + maintenance + upgrade + online support
      • unlimited number of users, classes, classes or teachers
      • secure SSL site
      • secure user-access and password
      • promotional coupons

All services are provided online, and the entire infrastructure is supported by eLearning & Software in the Timisoara Data Center.


Why Moodle in Alba Iulia?

Moodle is a free and open source learning management system, adaptable and with full learning options

  1. modern and accessible
  2. customizable
  3. allows collaborative work
  4. has tools for all educational processes: lessons, interactive content, wiki, glossary, book, tests, work tasks, survey, questionnaire, feedback.
  5. can be integrated with any web application
  6. file management (also MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive)
  7. progress tracking
  8. multilingual platform

Development technology:

  • HTML, PHP, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript

Requirements (for 1.000 users):

  • Hosting
    • HDD 500 Gb
    • CPU: 4
    • RAM: 16 Gb
  • Dependencies
    • SO, Linux

PHP 7.0, MariaDB 5.5.31

reteauaEDU-AB in the media

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rețeauaEDU – AB offers unmatched benefits for students and teachers:

  • Possibility to use multimedia support in the classroom or as additional home resource;
  • Providing self-assessment tests to students before important work or exams;
  • Rapid transmission of information to students;
  • Online resources are reusable;
  • Multiple resources created by teachers can reach students in video, audio, images, text, games, interactive content;
  • Support students who are missing for objective reasons and are unable to get from other colleagues the materials, the themes, the papers presented in class;
  • Teachers can get in touch with classroom students through the Forum or Chat solution, and students can get in direct contact with others directly in the platform for educational purposes;

Organizing thematic contests at the classroom, school or pilot schools.

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We, at eLearning & Software, set high goals. So we strive to achieve the following results:

  1. 40% of high schools and gymnasium schools in Alba Iulia will have their own eLearning platform with limited access to the number of users and the number of courses.
  2. More than 30% teachers will participate in at least one online or offline training event.
  3. Create at least 20 online courses that meet the standard for eLearning course development.
  4. Over 55% students will access the online courses.