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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The Genetec ALPR roadside control solution is based on special cameras mounted on a car or scooter, linked to a computing and communication unit. They scans the parking places and sends the information over the GSM network, the characters on the registration numbers of the vehicles are recognized. And the server that runs the processing is connected online to all payment solutions.

After querying and verifying data, the details of vehicles with unpaid parking are sent to the PDA of the field agents. The agent, after final verification, performs the necessary photos for documentation, then issues and posts the fine / notification (preferably via the portable printer).

The application can take the next steps until the money is collected, and in the case of those who fail to pay the fine in time:

  • It can facilitate replies to constraints by pre-set forms and documenting situation with on-site images, etc.
  • May initiate sending notifications and warnings

The system allows appropriate treatment of “white list” registration numbers: the operator may decide to grant free allowances associated with the machinery of some community members (e.g. honorary members, other personalities, disabled persons, etc.) or black list, e.g. vehicles in the tracking. In the first case, parking will not appear as unpaid parking in the system, and in the second case, the information will be sent to the designated contact.

It can also help identify abandoned cars by reporting those who stay in the same place for several days.

Technical specifications

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The solution works only if the payments are made in digital format, online with the server and correlated with the registration number. There is a need for a back-office office room with common IT facilities with internet access.

One or more vehicles equipped with the ARPL camera system, and PDAs (or Android-appropriate devices) for agents are also required.

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For Administration

Income generated by this smart parking controls can drive 40-50 times more revenue from parking lots ! Much of the growth stems from a considerable improvement in payment discipline. For many drivers this may seem unattractive, but lack of control creates chaos and generates problems even for drivers. On the other hand, citizens who pay the parking fees correctly feel cheated if those who do not pay are not sanctioned. Thus, there are frustrations, defiant attitudes, etc. It is, therefore, ethical, necessary and beneficial that the rules apply to all traffic involved people.


For citizen

In addition to the substantial revenue to be added to the local budget, the average parking time in crowded places will be reduced, the availability of more parking places will contribute to a greater degree of comfort for both drivers and pedestrians.