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Cluj-Napoca, RO

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PlanningWiz Online 3D software Roomplanner is an online platform for creating and viewing interior or landscape design, urban space plans, offices, and living spaces.

PlanningWiz made by ARXIA, a member of Cluj IT Cluster, is a component of the e-administration pillar of the Smart City solution package of the Cluj IT cluster members, and is already used by more than 450.000 registered users worldwide.

The online planner allows the drawing of plans, whether for indoor or outdoor use, including the placement of walls, doors, windows, flooring, pavement, lawns etc., the placement of indoor or outdoor furniture from the catalog containing over 700 landmarks. Plans so constructed can be viewed in 3D in the browser and allow walk-through navigation to simulate the visitor’s sense of that space in the real world.

The planner can be used to arrange office space, optimize space utilization, or evaluate the size and amount needed for additional amenities. Planner can also be used to quickly model and visualize public spaces, such as parks, green spaces, and markets. Plans are available via the internet and can be viewed by those to whom the owner grants them the right, thus allowing direct collaboration and forwarding of adjustments directly on an online basis.

Premium features are aimed specifically at those who professionally realize and manage plans, including features such as the ability to create a background blueprint, export to high resolutions, print using a custom templates, transmission of plans by email etc.


PlanningWiz Online 3D software Roomplanner is dedicated to local administration and other entities interested in urban or interior design and planning. It can be accessed from here.

Technical specifications

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The software solution PlanningWiz Online 3D software Roomplanner is accessible online. Hosted on Arxia servers, it does not require installation or configuration at City Hall or other local institutions.

The planner is currently using Javascript libraries. 2D drawing functionalities as well as objects library are based on SVG. 3D functionalities are using WegGL (three.js).

Integration with other portals (e-shop, online catalogs) as well as other applications is easy to be done, through web services.

PlanningWiz Online 3D Roomplanner in the media

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  • For Administration:
    • Efficiency of the activity in the planning and arrangement of green spaces, public spaces with urban furniture, playgrounds, etc., and easier communication with service providers (landscape design) and products (seedlings, outdoor furniture, etc.)
    • Possibility to carry out public consultations and involve citizens in the process of urban or green space design.

The application can also be used with excellent results, in the area of Innovative Business, as follows:

  • For manufacturers and distributors of furniture:
    • a more attractive brand and offer promotion
    • generating new relationships with potential customers (lead generation)
    • support in the sales process
  • For real estate agents: 
    • capturing the attention of potential customers by publishing static or interactive plans
    • shortening decision times for buyers or tenants, especially for office space