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Vision of connected lighting

Philips Lighting Romania (Signify) supports the vision of the team of Alba Iulia City Hall representatives together with the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, through which Alba Iulia becomes the first pilot Smart City project in Romania, by implementing the Philips public lighting system with InteractCity integrated management.

Through the connected lighting vision that Philips Lighting promotes internationally, we are helping to implement the benefits of new technologies, first of all for citizens, municipalities and lighting system operators. With intelligent lighting systems dedicated to the public sector, we support 50% -70% energy savings, 30% system maintenance costs, and an easily controlled digital experience.

Alba-Iulia now benefits from the technology of the present and the future in lighting, taking advantage of the versatility, safety and reliability offered by the CityTouch open system. Thus, Alba Iulia is among the more than 1000 municipalities in 37 countries that benefit from this system, internally and internationally recognized as the most efficient public lighting management system.

Location of the solution: Mihai Viteazul Street, Moldovei Street, Victoriei Street, Ferdinand I Street, Livezii Street (Ampoi 1 District), Macesului Street, Republicii Street, Apuseni Street, Arnsberg Street, Vasile Goldis Street.

Technical specifications

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The Philips solution implemented in Alba-Iulia has two components:

  • Energy efficient street lighting with DigistreetLED luminaires, lighting made according to the European standard EN13201: 2015;
  • InteractCity– Intelligent and centralized lighting control system.

We have installed 10 LED luminaires, type Digistreet Medium 3000K 104W, on existing poles (on the streets Mihai Viteazul and Moldova) and 8 kits LLC7520/00, each kit being on existing conventional lighting (on streets Victoriei, Ferdinand I, Livezii, Macesului, Republicii, Apuseni, Arnsberg, Vasile Goldis).

The LED luminaires have been calculated and installed to meet the requirements of the M3 lighting class (EN13201: 2015). All LEDs also provide 3000K warm white light. This light is identical to the one emitted by incandescent and halogen bulbs used in home environment. Thus, this light is more appropriate for urban areas, in order to create a more welcoming and familiar environment. In this way, citizens will be encouraged to spend more time out in the city, socializing and developing relationships that actually build a community.

Also, warm white light is closer to the sodium lamps from other streets, avoiding disturbing shocks when passing from one street to another (Sodium lamps provide white light ~2000K). However, LED lamps have a superior Color Rendering Index (LED CRI80 vs. Sodium CRI20), allowing correct viewing of vegetation colors, street furniture etc.


Primary features of InteractCity system:

  • Cloud server – access to server throughuser name (USER ID) and  We can create more than one user, with different access and viewing rights. Access can be achieved from any terminal (PC, laptop, tablet, etc.) connected to the Internet;
  • Web interfaceis in Romanian language;
  • connectionand control in real time to every luminaire (or street cabinet) by GSM/GPRS communications (regardless of GSM service provider in the area/region); communication is encrypted on 256 bits (the level of encryption of online banking transactions). The system does not require any intermediate hardware between the server and luminaire;
  • The system does not require any programming on location – it’s ‘plug & play’.Once the lighting fixture is powered on, the server will recognize, communicate and automatically position the luminaire on online map;
  • Operating scenariois recorded in each luminaire – operation does not depend on continuous communication with the server or another lighting fixture;
  • Scenarios range: daily, weekly, monthlyor yearly, based an astronomical calendar; we can make scenario for an area, region or even individual luminaire, with unlimited time intervals along the night;
  • The systemallows the creation of areas/regions of the public lighting system, independent of power grid, depending on street, intersection, neighborhood etc.
  • Besidesrealizing an operating scenario and dimming (hourly reduction), the system monitors and records energy consumption and various electrical parameters (voltage, frequency etc); monitoring and recording is achieved for every luminaire and/or street cabinet. Also, comparative reports can be generated and they can be compared with records from the database;
  • The systemautomatically reports (by mail/sms) and records defects/errors/malfunctions from the public lighting. First of all, the system reports failing lamps and optional, energy thefts from the public lighting energy grid;
  • The web platformand software will be automatically updated, without any intervention from user (hardware or software); the system allows also manual queries from user;
  • Existing luminaires(LED or Sodium) can be taken up / introduced into the system with minimum investments, through the kit LLC7520/00; existing luminaires are viewed on online map and the system allows on/off (according to the public lighting operating scenario) and measurement of power consumption (plus other electrical parameters);
  • Optionally, the systemwill include applications for smartphones/tablets, that can be used by police or emergency In case of incidents or accidents, they will be able to turn on/off the lighting in particular area, or they will cancel the hourly reduction – thus the lighting will operate at 100% intensity.

All devices were installed without requiring alteration of the pillars or consoles.

All devices require 220-230Vac power.

Philips InteractCity Smart Lighting in the media

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The solution is addressed primarily to the inhabitants of Alba-Iulia city, who benefit from a just and efficient lighting. At the same time, the City Hall of Alba-Iulia, in its capacity as administrator of the Public Lighting System, benefits from accurate, appropriate and timely information about the operation of the Philips solution.  

Benefits for the city, benefits assessment methods, measurable targets:

  • The parameters of the M3 lighting class will be checked at the location by an independent firm, which will produce a measurement report;
  • The LED luminaires installed on Mihai Viteazul and Moldova streets reduce the consumption and the CO2 footprint with min.40%, compared to previous conventional luminaires;
  • Comparative reports generated from the system: comparative report on monthly electricity consumption, comparative report on the models of luminaires administered in the system, comparative report on the technology of the lamps of the luminaires administered in the system, comparative report on the power of the luminaires administered in the system;
  • Representatives of the City Hall and the lighting operator can always check all the data about the system’s operation, each of the lighting points and of course, the data about the energy consumption, any problems with the lighting system, through complete reports about all the parameters, generating transparent reports that can be always consulted by citizens.Based on system information, administrators will make better decisions knowingly and will demonstrate that they responsible use taxpayers’ money.