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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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In a #smartcity, people are first, and between people-children. Because they are the future; We are just the ones trying to build it for them and make them more beautiful, healthier, more efficient.

The PEDITEL1791 service (* 1791 Digi) is a 24-hour pediatric medical call center, served by 15 specialists. The call center’s work programme is structured on shifts and guards. The service operates 24/7, served by 1 doctor/Shift or guard. The service has 26 medical protocols, 1 VOIP telephone switchboard and 1 dedicated medical specialized software.

Peditel 1791 is addressed to any parent who wishes to obtain medical advice for risk-free diseases for his child, not for emergencies that will address 112 and emergency reception units.

Peditel 1791 is a Community initiative for social involvement, implemented by the Părinţi din România Foundation (Parent Foundation in Romania ).

Advice provided by the call Doctor are quick intervention tips. Peditel 1791 does not replace the medical consultation and is not an alternative to the 112 emergency service.


Părinți din România foundation was founded in the year 2005, as an initiative group of parents from Cluj County, coagulated around the site, in order to inform and represent citizens with children, future parents, and all interested people in the problems of children in the county. From 2009, the group of Cluj parents turned into the Părinți Clujeni Foundation which, in 2012, became Fundația Părinți din România (Parent Foundation in Romania). The Foundation’s mission is to engage in the community and empower all stakeholders: community, authorities, companies to find solutions for a better life, through values such as integrity, respect, empathy, responsibility and civism.

Technical specifications

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PEDITEL 1791 is a normal tariff number available on the networks: Vodafone, Orange, Telekom (only for prepay Telekom cards you must have credit in eurocents, not national minutes or special offers according to the TELEKOM operator’s request).

Dialing from the Digi landline and mobile network is done at * 1791.

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The Peditel 1791 telemedicine service has the role of being a “refuge” telephone for mothers with young children, who are far from the emergency hospital in Alba Iulia or who do not wish to report to the E.R., but seek medical advice in the first phase.

The Peditel service reduces the number of cases that are presented in emergency reception units, reduces the number of ambulance interventions, generating significant savings for hospital units, but also for the local budget. Another benefit of the platform is easy access to medical services for isolated rural areas, in our case, Alba County.

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The piloting of the Peditel 1791 service in Alba Iulia Smart City began on September 1, 2017. Thus, in the period from 1 September 2017 to 30 April 2018, doctors at call center Peditel 1791 took over 513 calls from Alba County, 88% of them having as a medical problem fever. 97% of calls have been resolved with medical advice applicable at home, in complete safety.
Alba County is located in the top 10 counties of call, climbing 2 positions from January to August 2017. Please note that the Peditel service works at national level prior to implementation in the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City.

The launch of the service in Alba County was done with the support of the Alba Public Health Department, Emergency County Hospital, STP Alba and the family medicine offices.