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Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Cluj, Vienna

Project Details

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A smart city is a city that listens, which is open, transparent and curious, all this with the purpose of improving the lives of its inhabitants.

This is why Alba Iulia wants to promote the transparency of public data and strengthen its image of Smart City by supporting software developers who will make available the anonymised public information, to be used freely and productively by civil society.

The solution proposed by CivicTech Romania consists in creating an open public data platform with information from Alba Iulia. The proposed deliverables are:

  • Creating an online platform for viewing and retrieving data published by Alba Iulia’s public administration
  • Creating a data management/publishing interface for civil servants
  • Creating a user manual and a technical manual for the use of the platform
  • Creating a simplified procedure for cleaning and publishing data

Currently, we are working on the strategy of collecting and publishing data.

The working stages of the project consist of:

  1. Research of existing data sets and publishing processes
  2. Agreeing a simplified procedure for publishing data and finalizing the functional specifications of the platform
  3. Implementation of the public platform and the management interface
  4. Testing, improvements and training civil servants
  5. User manual and technical manual

What’s next:
After completing the requirements, the next step is the development and effective implementation of the platform, using an agile working methodology.
We are also at the completion stage of the working team, so if you want to contribute, we are waiting for you to join the CivicTech Romania Community.

Technical specifications

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CivicTech Romania’s team will typically use open-source and open-data technologies and standards for the development of the proposed platform. When it is necessary to use non open-source software licenses (free or not), they will consult the project team designated by the municipality of Alba Iulia.

Technical solutions will comply with current quality standards for this type of digital product.