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OKEY is an online platform that aims to support entrepreneurs by giving them a significant plus of efficiency in managing their business projects. OKEY addresses new, small and medium-sized companies in Romania. The platform is structured into modules, each module being a business management tool. Available modules are: invoicing, customer and sales management, calendar / agenda / task management, document manager, mailing list.

The differentiation element compared to other similar solutions on the market consists precisely in the fact that the modules available within the platform are integrated, the information once saved in a module is automatically taken over in all the other modules. Thus OKEY helps entrepreneurs to gain more time for their business projects or their personal projects.

The billing module has the following main functionalities:

  • issuing bills, receipts, notices, currency;
  • product and service nomenclature;
  • e-mail and SMS notification to customers when issuing invoices;
  • tracking and allocating receipts;
  • house register;
  • providers bills management;
  • reports and more.

The customer and sales management module has the following main functionalities:

  • managing potential clients and active clients;
  • managing sales opportunities, contracts, and sales department activities;
  • sales pipeline;
  • conversion rates;
  • graphs and analyzes.


The calendar allows you to have organized agenda, to know at each moment what tasks you have to accomplish, you can assign tasks to your team members and follow their activities. The application sends notifications by email at the time of the activity definition and before the activity.

The document module allows document management (files, folders): upload, delete, modify, label, search, email, directly from the application. It also provides a cloud storage space between 10-30Gb, depending on the tariff plan.

The mailing list allows you to manage your entry / exit records in an organized, electronic manner. You are looking for and quickly find any recorded document. The application automatically generates your registration numbers.

Find out more about the OKEY package for companies in Alba Iulia:

Technical specifications

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In order to enjoy the modules within OKEY, a business must create an account on the platform by accessing the link . Once the account has been created and defined the company-specific settings, documents can be issued and the platform can be further utilized at its maximum capacity.

The OKEY platform can be accessed from any PC, laptop or tablet in the browser, the only condition is that the device is connected to the Internet. Using the OKEY platform does not involve installing programs on users’ devices.

Several users with different roles can be defined within the OKEY platform, with different levels of access to modules and data entered in the application.


Useful links:


  • Email:
  • Phone: 0736 101 492
  • Real time chat on the site and within the platform


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Under the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City, OKEY is offered free of charge to all companies in Alba Iulia until 31.12.2020.

The added value that OKEY brings to Alba Iulia companies is efficiency and the fact that using the platform in their daily activities will save time and resources that they can redirect to other projects. OKEY thus contributes to the overall growth and development of the business environment in Alba Iulia.

More information about the special package benefiting companies in Alba Iulia can be found on the dedicated page of the OKEY website:

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  • 100 accounts created on the platform in Alba County.