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Timisoara, RO

Project Details

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Lumbara SIP is the third component of the Lumbara system, dedicated to transmitting and displaying information to the population, using smart panels that are interconnected with intelligent city sensors. Located in key points in the city, they take over the information synthesized from the sensors and display them in a friendly way using large screens in Full HD resolution. Exposed to exterior, panels have smart cooling/heating systems and mechanisms Anti-vandalism. Panels can be interconnected and synchronized so that they can display additional static ads (Photos), animated ads, or videos related to townhouse life (e.g. concerts, shows, etc.) or alerts (works in progress, traffic, indices pollution, etc.), prioritizing the information displayed on the basis of a dynamic centralised programming.

Examples of information, warnings/alerts and recommendations that are displayed:

1. From the Lumbara system:

  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • UVA/UVB Index
  • Precipitation
  • Wind speed and direction
  • The degree of stress in the Green Zone
  • Air quality, etc.

2. Information transmitted from the management system

  • Cultural events (e.g. opera, concerts, exhibitions), sports
  • Announcements and releases
  • City-specific alerts (e.g. restricted/difficult traffic, sites, extreme weather phenomena, etc.)

Technical specifications

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Lumbara SIP is a equipment with 1 or 2 screens (55 “,65”,75 “etc) on one side or both sides. Each screen supports 16m colors, Full HD and withstands over 60000 hours of operation, with anti-vandalism, anti-sun protection, etc. To operate at temperatures between-25 and 60 degrees Celsius, the equipment includes automation for the cooling/heating system, internal sensors for moisture, anti vandalism. The equipment supports centralized management (ex stop/Startup, ad programmer, alerts, etc.) through Lora/LoraWAN, LTE-M Cat1, Nb-IoT or BLE technology, but also media-based update (e.g. images, movies, requiring greater volume of data) Via Wifi or LTE-M.

Technical characteristics:

  • Full HD (1080p)-high brightness up to 1500-2000nits (at least 2000cd/m2)
  • Heating and cooling with smart air conditioning for working in the toughest
  • Operating Temperature:-40 ℃ to + 55 ℃
  • The screen does not become black under direct sunlight
  • Meets standard ALL-Weather requirements, the structure being completely sealed to water/dust from any angle of weathering interaction
  • High protection class IP65.
  • Lifespan > 50000 hours.
  • Noise: ≦ 55dB
  • Glass: 6mm Dual tempered laminate AR glass, anti-UV 99.99%, anti-vandal, anti-solar
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Lumbara SIP can be an important component of the smart city. Through excellent visibility, long life, multiple ways of communication and mode of operation in automatic mode or by remote control from the Monitoring Team, is the instrument of communication impact between administrations, institutions and Citizens, able to provide a high level of information.

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The implementation of the Lumbara SIP system in an area with visibility will certainly lead to a much better information of citizens, as well as to an increase in the degree of satisfaction with regard to the public domain management (usually over 10%).