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Composed of several vital systems, the Lumbara solution addresses issues related to green spaces, relaxation and information areas of a smart city.

Lumbara Prime is a system that integrates existing irrigation systems or new green energy solutions, with the role of saving the energy and water needed to maintain green areas, floral decorations, shrubs, etc.  The solution implements a space management and optimum adjustment of resources according to ambient parameters, exposure to pollution related to the type of flora/vegetation planted. Also, through intelligent and photo-analysis algorithms, the system detects in real time the losses in the water network and the inefficient functioning of aspersie systems.

The Lumbara Prime solution is the ideal solution for irrigation systems of green areas, adding information needed for irrigation activities, saving energy and water, and reducing maintenance costs at the same time.

Lumbara Prime can run in parallel with existing systems by replacing or disabling the current irrigation controller. A Lumbara Prime controller can manage up to 8 zones (valves) and 2 pumps. Lumbra Prime is based on smart metering, measuring water consumption and detecting system leakage. It is well known that each element of irrigation system crashes over time, the water is lost, and the pumps operate continuously, consuming energy and finally destroying themselves.Using artificial intelligence, the system controls the debts, also detecting whether the sprinklers operate well correlated and how the pump behaves.

Lumbrara Prime uses ground sensors to read temperature and humidity, as well as outdoor environmental sensors in terms of heating, humidity, pressure, rainfall, UV and photosynthesis.
Lumbra Prime can run using almost all IOT technologies, addressing both small residential implementations, but also larger areas of parks, gardens.

For the communications part, there is a full range of variants.
Lumbara Prime can be easily interconnected with the other Lumbara components (Aqua and SIP).


Technical specifications

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The Lumbara solution comprises a suite of IOT devices and high-end sensory sensors, with all the solution being developed on the basis of components produced by European or American renowned companies. For interconnectivity and IOT communication, Lumbara equipment supports long-distance radio transmissions using LoRA/LoRA WAN, LTE-M CAT1, LTE-M NB-IOT, and small remote transmissions using Wifi and BLE.

Lumbara Prime contains an ambient device that measures temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, the radiation of photosynthesis, radiation in the UVA and UVB spectrums and the amount of precipitation and wind monitoring. The ambient device interconnects with modules for measuring humidity and ground temperature. Irrigation Zone management is given by a smart controller that supports the command of 2 pumps, and 8 power Electrovane (24 VAC) or Electrovane “green” (9VDC). The controller is interconnected with the ambient station and the ground sensors, but also with the smart water meters. For existing systems, it is necessary to access the current irrigation controller, disconnect it from solenoid and connect them to the Lumbara Prime area module, as well as to install an electronic water meter after electrovană. The ambient module (like a weather station) provides information about weather and solar radiation (such as wind, rain, temperature, humidity, UV and solar radiation throughout the day, both in summer and winter), being mounted on a pillar well integrated of the area architecture. Optionally, the ambient module can be fed from a mini solar panel (if there is no electricity in the area).

Data transmission can be done in mutiple systems, configuration, distances and availability of networks, such as: LTE-M Cat 1, NB-IoT (remote locations, requires SIM card), WiFi (residential areas or mice public spaces), or LoRA/SigFox ( Large areas require integration with a local available platform).

Lumbara Prime in the media

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Given the alert mode of climate evolution at planetary level, the primary objective of the Lumbara solution is to improve the quality of life in the city environment by monitoring green areas, water quality and environment, and energy saving and water.

Detecting early problems and informing in a friendly manner, Lumbara is the Green guard who watches for the benefit of the citizens.

Using Lumbara technology, it can reduce water consumption and immediately detect problems related to a mismanagement of green spaces. Thus, flora from pergolas, floral amenajamente, lawn, trees, can cope with ambient stress given by townhouse pollution and climate change. Lumbara smart meters, send real-time information about water consumption, informing all entities involved in connection with consumption or damage.

The more areas there are to see neater, the faster the polluting emissions will be assimilated and in the end, it will bring greater intake of the smart City Clean air.

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Results expected based on results obtained in previous implementations – Impact in the community

Following the results of previous implementations of the Lumbara Prime system, we estimate that water and energy consumption will be reduced by about 30%, and the costs of green space management will be reduced by a minimum of 20%.
In Alba Iulia, the Lumbara Prime system will be tested in the Japanese garden area of the fortress.