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Timisoara, RO

Project Details

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Lumbara Aqua is the second connected Lumbara system, aimed at the health of citizens, by monitoring the quality of water in the public wells and lakes. Because they are exposed to interaction with townhouse fauna (birds, animals, insects) but also affected by the city’s pollution, during spring-summer, they develop hazardous bacterial germs (e.g. Salmonella, E-Colli, Shigella, Norovirus, Giardia), which It transmits to people by sprinkling its contact (e.g. by playing children).

The system monitors water parameters and sends recommendations on actions to be undertaken. The system can be interconnected with activities such as clearing/filling fountains with water and can connect to SIP Lumbara, as well as a dispatcher system.

Technical specifications

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Lumbara Aqua uses industrial sensors to measure water quality (e.g. PH, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc.) integrated into an automatic sample sampling system. All these chemical sensors are periodically calibrated using reference chemical solutions. As well as other components of water pumping and treatment systems used in the public space during winter, Lumbara Aqua sensors must be included in the equipment maintenance and storage procedures.

Typically, a concealed installation (e.g. under the stones) of the monitoring sensors for water quality and their coupling to an electronic water monitoring module that requires power (12VDC or 220VAC) is required. The water monitoring sensors are provided with easy removal mechanism. When the fountain is stopped and the water is drained during winter, the sensors must be removeded and stored at a temperature of more than 10 GradeC. The transmission is carried out through different systems, application function (LTE-M, WiFi, LoRA WAN).

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Lumbara Aqua integrates with the other Lumbara components, with the advantage of sensitivity and multiple channels of communication.

In case of overcoming parameters, notifications for corrective action may be triggered by public domain officials.

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As a result of the implementation of the Lumbara Aqua system, it is expected not to register any kind of sickness due to contaminated water. In this respect, the Aqua Lumbara sensors will trigger alerts when overcoming normal parameters.

In Alba Iulia, the Lumbara Aqua system is tested together with the Prime system, in the Japanese Garden basin, in the fortress perimeter.