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Bucureşti, RO

Project Details

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A smart city is based on the concept of IoT-Internet of things and the development of solutions that are humanly independent and allowing the communication of M2M-machine to machine (equipment with equipment). LoRaWAN Technology is a radio protocol transmissions that form independent human networks between different intelligent objects.

Orange has performed, within the Intelligent City Pilot project, the installation of a LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network that covers the entire city of Alba Iulia and on the structure of which you can install various applications requiring small data transfer.

Through the LoRaWAN infrastructure, it communicates some of the applications and devices connected to the Internet and provided within the Intelligent City pilot project All by Orange (the smart lighting solution is connected to the LoRa network) . Orange also tests the LTE-M platform, available at city level for the evolution of IoT-type applications.

Technical specifications

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LoRaWAN is an acronym from the Long Range Wireless Network, a network that operates over a large distance (15-20 kilometers).

LoRaWAN is a radio transmission protocol that forms a network or several networks of smart objects that communicate with each other. The LoRaWAN network uses a star-of-stars topology, with Bridge-rod gateways, which transmit data between sensors and then to the central server.

LoRaWAN Equipment has very low energy consumption, because they transmit a small amount of data (0.3-50 Kbps).

The frequency on which LoRaWAN networks operate is 868 MHz in Europe, using a wide spectrum modulation and channel transmission between 7 and 500 KHz.

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For citizens, the benefits are translated into municipality-level decision management, which analyses and uses the data transmitted to create strategies and development plans of the city.

For specialized dedicated entities: This network can be used by various entities in the public or private area (start-ups, students, hobbyists and software creators) that develop applications and software and/or hardware in IoT areas , smart city or M2M. The information taken by LoRaWAN Gateways will first reach a network Server, and will then be redirected to the various entities that develop applications over this network.

For the Municipality (existing and potential benefits, perspective):

  • Metering services – Reading the remote index for water, gas, electricity;
  • Control of public lighting remotely and monitoring consumption on each pillar;
  • Waste management by measuring the degree of filling of the dumpsters and selecting the route of the garbage machines according to it;
  • Air quality monitoring.