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Project Details

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The Questo ecosystem aims to revive the image of the tourist and cultural heritage of Alba Iulia by creating tourist routes that harmoniously blend the real world with the digital one. T

The element of interactivity of the application has the potential to lead young people to cultural attractions that do not arouse so much interest in a digitized world, but also to present the city from a new perspective to the other generations.
By implementing this solution, the offer of experiences available to visitors of the city, but also to locals, will be improved. The Questo digital tours are also a leisure alternative for the Alba Iulia community.
The platform offers the possibility to build interactive thematic routes for both guides and curators, teachers, researchers, locals or non-governmental organisations. Questo has as its main objective the creation of authentic experiences for locals and tourists, by means of unique stories woven with elements of play and discovery. The whole simple methodology of building paths will be made available to all creators.


How to navigate a Questo Route?

Application users receive a unique starting point in the city for starters. Once there, the application sends them a first clue, which they must resolve to discover the next place on the route. Every time they solve a clue and discover a new place, users get into the app and the story of that place. Then follow a new clue and the whole process repeats to the end.


Questo Mobile application is dedicated to both the citizens of Alba Iulia and tourists.

Technical specifications

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The solution proposed by the company Questo Global consists of building digital tours of urban exploration through the mobile Questo application. A questo route comprises between 7 and 15 places in the city, stretched over a recommended distance not exceeding 4 km.

In the implementation of the project are also used information available within the project “Discover Alba Iulia by QR code“. The methodology for the construction of routes and the user Guide are made available by the Questa GLOBAL SRL.

To go through a digital tour, app users will need to download it for free from the Google Play stores or App Store and start solving interactive hints.

Technical resources:

Operating licence for the creation of a city section dedicated to Alba Iulia within the application;
Development and implementation of urban exploration tours within the mobile application;
Maintenance and support for the routes covered by this Protocol;
Integration on the website of the implemented routes.

The Questa has two mobile applications, available for free on Google Play and App Store:

For Android: Download Link.
For IOS: Download Link.

Interactive tours in the media

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For tourists:

Creating an urban exploration tour – this will help tourists who arrive in Alba Iulia discover the stories of the places they visit in an interactive, digital way.
The Tour route will follow less popular areas of the city, so as to promote less visited areas, but have stories worth saying;


For citizens:

The physical rediscovery of the city and its stories. The vast majority of the locals know their city from a road point of view, but not historically or culturally.
The educational rediscovering of the city: the Questo routes aim to help the locals to better discover their own city, through an attractive, adventure-style digital approach with an educational component transposed in a fun manner.