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One of the causes of frequent traffic congestion in the city centre is the slow movement or vehicles take turns to find an available parking space. The effect of these situations on traffic congestion in central areas, especially historical ones, with narrow streets, is significant.
The solution proposed by Direct One municipality in Alba Iulia consists in the installation of magnetic sensors at the level of the tread, within a number of available parking spaces, which transmit to a central server, the state of occupancy of parking spaces in a certain area of the city. Through the LoRaWAN infrastructure developed by Direct One, this data is taken over by a mobile application made by the direct one partner, Life Is Hard, a member of Cluj IT Cluster and partner Alba Iulia Smart City. For testing and demonstration of the solution functionality, 31 sensors were installed in the public parking lot on Transylvania Boulevard.
By simply registering in the City Parking app, any driver is able to view the available parking spaces so that he can optimize his route (and by default fuel consumption) to the nearest available parking space. In the event that the Local Council of the municipality of Alba Iulia deems it appropriate to introduce a fee for the occupation of public parking spaces, after the pilot project is completed, users will be able to pay the parking either by Via the mobile app, either by SMS or by using street parking meters, which will be connected and operated through the same LoRaWAN network installed by Direct One.