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Sibiu, RO

Project Details

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Implemented over 5 years in the Alba Iulia City Hall, the dispatcher solution offered by the Industrial software is integrated with other incident reporting systems, developed by third-party software companies, for automatic takeover of incidents In the perimeter of the functional urban area of Alba Iulia and reported by users of these types of applications.

The integrations of mobile applications for incident reporting by citizens are already functional, for:

  • Smart Alert
  • CityHealth
  • CivicAlert 



Technical specifications

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  • Creating a new communication channel with citizens for sending notifications.
  • Dispatch integration of Alba Iulia City Hall with Smart AlertCivicAlert or CityHealth incident reporting solutions, for automatic takeover of incidents reported through these mobile applications.
  • Solving/managing incidents using the existing Dispatcher functionalities
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For citizens:

  • Diversification of the range of services made available, by electronic means, on-line, with impact and high utility;
  • Increasing accessibility of location or time to local public administration services through the use of modern and efficient technologies that eliminate the need for physical movement at City Hall locations and ensure permanent availability, 24 hours from 24, 7 days a week;
  • The application will be accessible from your computer or through mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), so there will be no limitations or restrictions regarding the use by the citizens of the municipality of this new solution;
  • Users of the online Civil Marriage programming application will be able to call at any time the appointments calendar and will be able to reserve a convenient date and time without going through the city hall.


For Administration:

  • Increasing operational capacity to provide public services through the information system that facilitates the provision of alternative services (electronic services, on-line) to those traditionally rendered;
  • Optimizing the working mode and streamlining internal flows in the context of automating certain processes that pertain to the delivery of public services;
  • Increasing the quality of the services offered, through a citizen-oriented approach, aimed at ensuring greater satisfaction in relation to the city’s institution;
  • Increasing visibility and improving the image of the institution, translating into practice the concept of “smart city” through an electronic administration system that promotes increased value-added services.
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Both integration with Smart AlertCityHealth and CivicAlert, mobile applications for incidents reporting by citizens, are fully functional and complete.

Currently, we offer the necessary maintenance and support in the case of any errors.