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Nowadays, we cannot talk about education in the context of a smart City, without including a digital intelligent education service, especially in the field of tourism, where Alba Iulia, at the tourist offer level, excels. Worldwide, the number of mobile app users who offer tours or audio support in proximity to tourist sites is constantly growing. As a result of the analyses carried out in the field of Romanian tourism over the past five years, there has been a need for active involvement of tourists in the promotion of history, geography and even of the lifestyle specific to the places visited.

InfoQuest is the first and only mobile app in the world that offers a service that includes location-building items, tourist involvement, personalized city promotion, creating a competitive framework, awarding participants and return of winners for the use of won prizes.

The solution proposed by Sports Club O Runners from the city of Otopeni under the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City seeks to make improvements in the development of tourism in Alba Iulia and promote the objectives of interest by The InfoQuest application, both in the local and outside community.

The cooperation protocol concluded with Sport Sports Club a runners proposes testing and using InfoQuest mobile applications. As of December 1, 2018, the InfoQuest Mobile application has a section dedicated to Alba Iulia, with digital tours of urban exploration through QR codes dedicated to tourists and citizens of Alba Iulia.

About InfoQuest

InfoQuest fits perfectly into the concept of “Smart City “. It is a mobile application that helps the city to bring to the attention of tourists and citizens the objectives of interest that the municipality wants to promote. InfoQuest has the role to contribute to educating visitors through the questions generated in the application. Tourists will get to know and better understand both the history of Alba Iulia and other attractive things and places that Alba Iulia has.

The application was created to treat topics on history, geography, good manners, legislation, regulations, in order to make a positive contribution to the level of population education. The difference compared to other quest applications is that players need to find QR codes that they need to scan using the app in the location.

How is InfoQuest used?

Access to the app is done using your Facebook account, Gmail, or by creating a new account. When the quest begins, players will have at their disposal a list of clues (including the most important tourist points), so that they can explore the larger area of the Alba Carolina Fortress in an active way.

The locations in the list of hints will be able to identify more than 5 times the number of QR codes, in order to maintain the active interest of the participants. Prizes will be delivered to winning players in code form or in electronic form; In exceptional cases, delivery by courier shall also be used.

The GDPR agreement will be recorded when accessing the application.


The app can be downloaded from Google Play from HERE. Soon, the application can also be used by iPhone users.


The InfoQuest application is dedicated to Alba Iulia citizens and tourists.


Technical specifications

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The InfoQuest application was created to influence the number of unique visitors as follows:

  • Year 1: + 2%
  • Year 2: + 3%
  • Year 3: + 5%
  • Year 7: + 7%
  • Year 10: > 9%

Taking into account the interconnection of future locations and returning to locations for the entry into possession of prizes, the company estimates an increase in the total number of visitors as follows:

  • Year 1: + 3%
  • Year 2: + 5%
  • Year 3: + 10%
  • Year 5: + 15%
  • Year 10: > 20%
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For the users:

  • Stimulates curiosity to discover the city;
  • Provides a competitive framework (with prizes put into play);
  • Provides challenges in the form of location-specific questions: history, Geography, various topical topics, education, etc.;
  • By accessing the person’s curiosity and delivering the correct answer, it rooted in the player’s mind the correct answer (education);
  • Deliver prizes to the best in the rankings.


For the city:

  • The prizes offered in the app are aimed at increasing the number of visitors and returning them to the location by using them;
  • Validity – the period during which the player will take possession of the prize may bring other visits to Alba Iulia and also to participate in other game sessions;
  • Increased competitiveness between players, which can lead to more than 5% increase in the number of visitors during a month.
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The results within our smart city pilot project are:

  • 400 app downloads and installs;
  • 197 players;
  • 64 winners;
  • 34 prizes delivered.