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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The iCloud Solution platform, made by the CloudSoft company, a member of Cluj IT Cluster, is a component of the e-administration/e-Community pillar of the Smart City solution package tested in Alba Iulia by the Cluj IT Cluster.

iCloud Solution is a cloud-based IT service-provision platform that allows you to meet demand with offer in a virtual environment by providing complete services for offshore software development with high quality and flexibility.


The iCloud Solution Web platform is dedicated to both local and citizen administration and will be accessed after the testing period.


Technical specifications

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Our services and products are based on modern development principles and are accessible on the Web, local or mobile.

The technologies used are the newest on the market, adaptable and compliant mobility.


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For any type of users:

  • Use of Nomenclatures for defining the categories of services;
  • Use of Nomenclatures to define the various types of beneficiaries and suppliers;
  • Managing users, both customer companies and individual customers;
  • Transfer of information between suppliers and beneficiaries;
  • The production of synthetic and analytical reports on the basis of the information and services rendered;
  • Monitoring customer feedback;
  • Extracting data from web and mobile application level;
  • Carrying out statistical reports;
  • Online access, cloud level, beneficiaries and customers of the platform, using security systems;
  • Data sharing at the resource/user level, depending on the role, with access to specific secure zones;
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Potential results:

  • Facilitating the quality assessment of private services offered to citizens by local administration;
  • Facilitating the promotion and identification of the offered service typologies online;
  • Easy access to planning, organizing and solving problems by means of efficient and quality services.