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Alba Iulia, AB

Project Details

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A very important component of the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City A non-formal education, complementing digital solutions dedicated to the local education system and receiving increased attention in terms of, more Publie Health prevention.

The collaborative protocol agreed with the Vichi Farm pharmacy in Alba Iulia, a local partner in the Intelligent City pilot project, has a special section dedicated to formal education in schools, focused on prevention and awareness.

Thus, in four major high schools in Alba Iulia – The National college “Habib Cloşca and Crişan”, high School of Music and Fine Arts “Regina Maria”, Economic College “Dionisie Pop Martian” and the Technical College “Apulum” – a specialized team, made up of physicians, pharmacists and health education specialists from the Alphega Pharmacy group, will begin this autumn the “Healthy in class, healthy home” student campaign. The focus of the campaign is on the importance of awareness of the dangers posed by the pupils in Alba Iulia and will have the following topics:

  • Smoking waiver;
  • Contraception and sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Alcohol and its harmful role on health.

Technical specifications

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Costurile privind materialele educative şi profesioniștii care vor susține expunerile sunt asigurate de către Alphega Farmacie, iar suportul logistic asociat locației este susţinut cu concursul Primăriei Municipiului Alba Iulia.

Action mechanism:

  • Initiation of communication with the directors of the educational units and the implementation of the persons responsible;
  • Informing pupils about organizing the event;
  • The organization of a team at the level of each high school, consisting of 4-6 pupils and a teacher who will undertake a project on the organisation of an action of prevention, education and information to the population on one of the 3 topics;
  • Presentation of the project;
  • Thematic exposure pharmacist Alphega and specialist;
  • Question and answer session.

All projects submitted will be submitted and presented to a Commission that will analyse and designate a winning team. The prize will be worth 3500 Ron and will consist of the following: A laptop, a projector and a printer with which the winning high school will be equipped.

The costs of the educational materials and the professionals who will support the exposures are provided by the Alphega Pharmacy, and the logistic support associated with the location is supported with the municipal hall of Alba Iulia.

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  • Awareness of the importance of the dangers posed by the pupils of Alba Iulia on the topics of the campaign: smoking quitting, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol and its harmful role on health;
  • High school pupils involvement in finding own solutions that bring added value to the community.