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Cluj-Napoca, RO

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The need to efficiently and effectively manage and embrace multi-communication channels and platforms(email, phone, web, smartphone) is a significant one and is being driven by the proliferation of mobile and smartphone usage.

Glimpse Plus is an integrated, real-time, data driven transport and logistics solutions to manage field force, vehicles, assets and devices.

The solution provides:

Route planning

While using this module, you will get the most out of your fleet and resources to pro-actively and re-actively organize your planning process.

Internet Of Things

We provide fully integrated vehicle tracking services, allowing you to get information about the location and movements of your fleet and resources, from a central management console.

Route optimisation

Optimise your planning process so you can include last mile and utilisation of specific vehicle configurations.

Task & resource management

This gives you and your team full visibility of all job or service task specific information to complete their work load efficiently and effectively.

Real-time vehicle & asset tracking

Real-time tracking via GIS provides real-time visibility and connectivity with your field based workforce.

Technical specifications

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The solution is Software as a Service (SaaS). It doesn’t require any equipment from the client. It only requires the application to be installed on the devices that will be part of the fleet.

Find the solution page: HERE

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Impact in the smart city community

Enables efficient and secure fleet management as well as real-time supplementation where needed.

Facilitates fast and secure access to information on the location of public transport or emergency services requested.