Project stages



Alba Iulia, RO

Project Details

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The company Eco Mobility S.R.L. is the most important operator on the market of electric vehicles in Alba County, having at its disposal the human, technical and logistical resources necessary for both the delivery of the solution and the supervision of good officials for the period Testing of our solutions in the pilot project “Alba Iulia Smart City”.
Our mission is to promote the most affordable urban electric vehicles and to assemble eco-revolutionary vehicles by combining innovative solutions with existing ones, so that we can improve air and water quality and combat Noise pollution, especially in urban areas.
The solution tested by Eco Mobility Company in Alba Iulia under the pilot project “Alba Iulia Smart City ” is an e-bike rental and e-bike sharing system, with wireless charging of bicycle batteries, with management software and with transmission Data in the cloud, together King Meter Technology Ltd. From Tianjin – China and with TBA Paris – France. The test will also analyze the prospect of integrating the solution into a single urban mobility system.
The second solution is materialized by exposing outdoors to small electric vehicles, presenting to visitors ecological solutions for urban transport, with thematic contests, which will have as prizes the test drive sessions.

The Urban mobility Solution Eco Mobility is dedicated to citizens.

Technical specifications

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Eco Mobility solutions are strictly reserved for free use in the project, Alba Iulia Smart City.

The e-bike rental and e-bike sharing solutions will be materialized by implementing 4 wireless charging stations along with the related electric bicycles. Monitorizoarea activity will be done with management software, saving data in the cloud.
The 4 stations will occupy about 5-6MP and require a fastening with dowels on the ground and a monophasic power supply of maximum 2Kw.


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The final beneficiaries of the ECO urban Mobility solution, through the e-bike rental system and e-bike sharing, are both cetațenii of the community as well as tourists, as they will benefit from an ecological solution of transport, free from emission of emissions and noise, Healthy, fast and comfortable.

We believe that a major benefit the municipality would be to increase the awareness of citizens on green vehicles, as well as support for forming a habit of using alternatives urban transport to the detriment of polluters.