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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The number of blood donors in Romania is dramatically low and this is a reality that everyone knows,  starting from doctors, institutions, to ordinary citizens.

The platform aims to increase the number of blood donors in Romania and to create a regular and informed community of donors, thus creating a direct mean of communication between them and the blood transfusion centers in the country. The idea of ​​the platform was born observing a curious fact among the irregular donors: when blood donations are called,By the press or by some acquaintances, they respond positively and go to donate. Thus, blood donation is a non-existent act for the majority, irregular for some, and the number of active donors being diminished.. We believe that everyone is willing to donate blood and contribute to saving lives, which is why we built through which the Blood Transfusions Centers in Romania generate donation calls to the citizens enrolled in the platform.

In this regard, the platform offers blood donors the opportunity to keep a personal donation history according to which the will notify them when they can go donate again. A number of profile settings will determine the way they will be notified by the blood donation centers (email and / or sms). Donors will also provide info about the blood group and location in order to ensure that they receive notifications only when their donation helps in the call launched by CTS.

Blood donation is a voluntary act, but that does not mean that the gesture is not appreciated. In this regard, people eager to donate blood find information on donation benefits, but also restrictions or information about what to do before you go to donate blood.

In Alba Iulia, the project was implemented with the support of the County Public Health Direction, Blood transfusion centre, Emergency County Hospital, STP and the family doctors offices.

Technical specifications

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The platform platform has two components.

The first is a cloud-based messaging interface dedicated to transfusion centers. Thus, by using it, they can observe statistics on blood groups of volunteer donors in the platform and which BTC representatives can send email or sms notifications to enrolled donors thus making donation calls according to their blood needs at their center. Development is made to help measure the impact of each individual alert, as well as of specific blood donation campaigns by each center. By attracting more donors and generating many donor campaigns with measurable impact, donor centers will be able to find partners more easily, thus providing donor benefits.

The second component is dedicated to all citizens. Blood donors and residents willing to donate blood but who have not yet done so, can easily sign up on the platform either on the website or by downloading the donez450 applications in the Google Play Store (for the Android operating system) or the App Store (for the iOS operating system), thus joining the community of ~ 3,000 existing donez450 donors.

Together we are the change!

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  • 180 donors enrolled in the platform and managed by CTS Alba;
  • 422 blood donations coming through the application;
  • 16 notifications sent by CTS Alba to the donors enrolled in the application.