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One platform for global privacy needs. Clym is the data privacy platform that helps organisations meet their data protection obligations. Cookies, Consent, Requests, Policies and more are all managed in a secure and adaptive application.

Clym helps organisations collect, control and manage the data that is relevant in a transparent way.

The platform covers 6 main areas of compliance:

Cookie Consent Management

Make consent easier. Capture or withdraw cookie consent in a clear, unambiguous and ongoing way, at any moment.

Consent Receipts

Proving compliance is just as important as being compliant. We help organisations demonstrate compliance by generating a Consent Receipt whenever a user performs a new consent action.

Subjects’ Requests

Empower users to enforce their legal rights. Collect, Track and Manage subjects’ requests related to their rights and get notified when new requests are submitted, so you can act on them on a timely manner.

Documents Management

Manage Terms, Policies, Agreements & Procedures. Simplify and streamline policy management, adaptable by jurisdiction. Create and manage agreements and procedures in accordance with privacy legislation.

Organisation & DPO Data Management

Build trust and show transparency by creating a public organisation profile that includes both organisation and DPO contact information.


Keep your doors open to all parties, regardless of their location, as we provide flexible setup per country. This gives users a choice of their preferred language and you the option of managing policies individually for different jurisdictions.

Through all its functionalities, Clym provides a head start in data privacy compliance.

Technical specifications

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The solution is Software as a Service (SaaS). It doesn’t require any equipment from the client.


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Impact in the smart city community 


Compliance. Helps organizations to comply with personal data protection law, such as GDPR. Through our close ties with public organizations such as the IAPP and the Kantara Initiative, we work to keep up with the legislation in place and to ensure the relevance and consistency of the entire Clym system.

Security and anonymization. Clym encrypts all personal data, including IPs. Personal data is never shared in the form of plain text and is not included in the consent receipts.

Transparency. The application provides a high level of transparency on consent, generating unique proofs of consent in the form of consent receipts. Additionally, the application allows users to read more about their rights and the cookies used by a website.

Control. The solution provides enhanced control, allowing detailed consent and cookie management as well as consent expiry date and automatic consent deletion after the data retention period passes.

Proof of compliance. Organisations can rest assured they’re covering GDPR’s principle of accountability through consent receipts published in Clym’s ledger and a fully audited system.

Flexibility. The solution can be tailored to any organisation’s needs, based on country-specific privacy regulations. Clym offers language preferences for increased user experience, and if the law requires consent to be given in the user’s prefered language to be legal.

Scalability. The solution was created to manage billions of users and consent events. Regardless of the number of applications and users to manage, Clym can adapt.

Implementation time. Allows easy integration with existing systems and phased deployment