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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The City Health Platform is part of a solution package called CityApps, for a truly future-connected, safe and intelligent future city. It allows direct involvement of the citizens along with the local administration to find the best solutions in a timely manner to the problems that affect their daily life.

The project started as a result of a public-private partnership between the Alba Iulia City Hall and the Cluj IT Cluster organization, comprising experts in various fields from research, business administration to information technology. Life is Hard is part of the cluster. Through the application, we are contributing to Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 project, which aims to transform Alba Iulia city into one of the first cities in Romania where smart solutions will be integrated on the centenary of the unification of Modern Romania.

The platform allows citizens to actively report and get notifications about various in-town problems, such as: road conditions, broken lighting systems, non-functioning traffic lights, waste disposal, elements that can endanger the health and integrity of citizens, etc.

At the same time, citizens are notified about the outcome of the notifications made through the City Health application, receiving updates in real time about their status. The City Health Platform is already implemented and will be officially launched soon, alongside other Smart City solutions in the pilot phase at the local level. The application is the result of the efforts of Life’s Hard ‘s team in creating an intelligent ecosystem of connected solutions, configurable for every urban need.

The city Health platform is a good means of assessing the problems facing the citizens of the city, when we talk about infrastructure, the quality of life in Urbe and, in particular, the development in the direction of the intelligent city, towards which they are heading in. This time Alba Iulia. With the help of City Health, citizens can report the problems of the city using their mobile phone, vote to prioritize the resolution of problems already reported, and the municipality, based on reports received from citizens, can also resolve situations depending on the number of reports or according to the number of votes. In this way, dedicated to the municipality, the City Health application contributes to increasing the level of responsiveness to the needs of citizens directly and immediately. In what concern the citizen, the user, the application allows access to information on possible works in certain days or hours and which may affect their daily route to work or other destinations, as well as access to Information on quality of life: information on the number of firefighters ‘ and ambulances ‘ interventions, air quality data, etc.

Download links for City Health:


Note: The City Health solution is available for citizens.and public administration

Technical specifications

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City Health is a software as a service platform, consisting of a mobile application (Android and IOS) and a management application in the Cloud.

The mobile application is intended for use by citizens and provides the following functionality:
• Reporting problems/suggestions related to things/situations that happen in the city;
• Prioritize resolution problems reported;
• General information on issues and related issues in the community;
• Real-time notification of various events in the city (various works, traffic jams, events, etc.).

A special function is the possibility for citizens to vote on reported problems, affecting them in their daily activities, so that local authorities can prioritize solving the most important urban problems according to their needs and the emergencies that the citizens consider.

The platform has two mobile applications created and available free of charge on Google Play and App Store for users of Android OS and IOS respectively.

City Health app can be downloaded from here:

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For citizens:

• The platform allows citizens to actively report and obtain notifications about different problems in the city: Road conditions, broken lighting systems, malfunctioning traffic, waste disposal, elements that can endanger health and integrity of citizens, etc.
• Citizens are notified of the result of referrals made through the City Health application, but also about events or situations affecting their daily activities such as road jams, street closures, Infrastructure and even emergencies.
• Citizens can vote on reported problems affecting them in their daily activities so that local authorities can prioritize solving the most important urban problems according to their needs.

For the municipality:

• Citizens may address the local authorities, in connection with the problems that the city is experiencing, thus reporting any impediment or deviation from their safety and integrity;;
• The municipality will receive citizens ‘ notifications in the dashboard, so the necessary measures can be taken to resolve the problems referred to them as soon as possible;
• Notifications are prioritized according to their importance and the need for intervention related to citizens ‘ notifications;
• The municipality notifies citizens about their referrals, giving them real-time notifications with the resolution process for their cases.