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Project Details

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Alba Iulia – The other capital of Romania, is preparing to celebrate 100 years from the great Union through intelligent, innovative digital solutions, foldable on the needs of the city and released free of charge to its citizens and visitors in 2018, when the municipality will be at the heart of events dedicated to celebrating the centennial.

Alba Iulia City Hall was exclusively dedicated to Smart City themes and aims to put Alba Iulia on the map of digitized tourist cities in the world by the power of example. Thust, Alba Iulia City Hall has concluded a series of collaborative protocols with small and large companies in the IT&C area, to develop digital solutions at no cost to the municipality and to put them free of charge at City service in 2018 for testing.

This is why the site of the municipality of Alba Iulia will play a central role in 2018, in presenting and informing its citizens and visitors on initiatives related to the centenary of the Great Union, but also on Smart City initiatives and information Common Essentials.

At present, the conclusions, observations and recommendations following focus groups (see Tab News) were included in the project plan, to be addressed in the new version of the site. Currently, the team is researching all the context and processes already in place, with a view to achieving a plan aimed at a first step to streamline and optimize internal processes.

Technical specifications

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The CivicTech team typically uses open-source and open-data technologies and standards for the development of the proposed digital solutions. When it is necessary to use non open-source software licenses (free or not), they will be agreed forward together with the representative designated by the municipality of Alba Iulia.

In the case of the new city Hall website, we develop both a platform for process and content management, as well as a new website, as follows:
CMS: (temporarily called Kármán)
Backend: for caching we use RAD, Node. js in backend, cod Typescript, and PostgreSQL storage. Also in the backend we built a GraphQL API that we will use both in the Administration panel and on the website.
Frontend : a React application, built using the ANTD bookstore. For the CMS dashboard we use Mapbox and DECK.GL.

Website: it will be a website built all in React, with Typescript. We can’t give much details here yet, but follow the “News” tab or leave us a comment – we’ll be back as soon as possible with information!

This is just a brief overview. We already start working, so you best visit us on GitHub and you can see more clearly what this is all about. To get an idea of how we work, you can also read the digital services standards that have been published recently.

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From October to November 2017, the CivicTech Romania team conducted alongside representatives of the Alba Iulia City Hall a public consultation in order to improve the interaction between the city hall and the citizens of Alba Iulia. The purpose of the consultation was to identify ways in which we can use technology as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of the citizens in their interaction with the city hall and discover how we can do this through the official website of Alba Iulia City Hall.

They followed a series of interviews – both with employees of the city Hall – and local residents, to discover how they access the website, from which devices, what they are looking for when they visit the site and especially how they think their overall user experience can be improved.

The conclusions of the first series of contextual interviews and focus groups signaled the need for the website’s versatility to be accessible, responsive and friendly, especially when  accessed from mobile devices. In addition, the participants noted that there is a great deal of promotion of the city’s website on social media and too little on the site, signaling the need to be communicated and to the inhabitants they use the internet but do not necessarily have an account on Facebook.

Also, alongside the officials and employees of the Alba Iulia City Hall, it was discussed that a login account should not be required to access the dispatch / call center map section. Also in the dispatch/call center area was discussed that they were unable to find resolutions for certain problems reported (by them or by someone else). They also mentioned that the internal search engine of the website is quite weak.

At present, the conclusions, observations and recommendations following the contextual interviews and focus groups were included in the project plan, to be addressed in the new version of the site.