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City Analytics is a solution dedicated to visualization and optimisation of pedestrian traffic and urban mobility in Alba Iulia.

With the help of radio infrastructure, City Analytics can generate real-time reports about population flow. The information is aggregated into a dashboard with statistical and analytical information relevant to the work of defining traffic optimisation solutions in congested areas. The purpose of the platform is to build, based on the collected data, models and solutions for improving mobility and taking measures to reduce traffic in congested areas, exposed in the platform.

All the information processed is anonymous and secure. This platform is optimized for both outdoor and indoor environments.

This solution uses data collected from the Wi-fi infrastructure and is based on a big data solution and analytics hosted in the Orange data center.

Technical specifications

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City Analytics uses the concept of Location Intelligence, which is the new level of growth and a necessary tool in any digital marketing campaign. Location-based marketing services contribute-in the case of Alba Iulia-when assessing the number of tourists visiting the city, especially the Alba Iulia Fortress, the most attractive place in the Albaiulian urban area.

How does City Analytics work?

The nearly 600 sensors mounted by Orange within the Alba Iulia Smart City Project detects the MAC address of mobile phones and collects anonymised data about the presence of people in their proximity. The Wi-Fi function of your phone needs to be turned on. Based on mobile phone detection, the application creates patterns of directional behavior towards areas of interest and presence in a particular space of temporary interest (events). The behavior patterns are then analyzed, and the variations are extracted over a week. The platform is able to detect different behavior patterns and makes the difference between locals, students and tourists.

These perspectives work best in real time and in dynamic contexts: for example, in the event of events organized in the city, in the case of daily routines (locals), for measuring the flow of tourists. Based on anonymised data, individual directions can contribute to the discovery of symptomatic actions and agglomerations. In this case, the municipality can proceed, in a very short time, to taking measures against congestion the areas.

City Analytics in the media

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The City Analytics platform brings important benefits in terms of city involvement in town life and focuses on:

  • Analysis of the impact of a public event;
  • Analysis of tourist flow;
  • Use of data to better manage areas with pedestrian or auto congested traffic;
  • Real-time traffic analysis in public transport;
  • Further analysis of the traffic to improve it;
  • Marketing of public interest, based on location: analysis of areas of interest for certain events;
  • Urban planning: Analyzing behaviours in the city and shaping public services as needed.