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Cluj-Napoca, RO

Project Details

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The CityAlert application is tested in Alba Iulia by the company Life is Hard, member of the ClujIT Cluster and has the role to notify the citizens of the city and visitors about events or situations affecting their daily activities, such as: blockages Roads, street closures, infrastructure works, public demonstrations, etc.

Through the application, the City Hall of Alba Iulia has the opportunity to inform citizens in real time by transmitting “push” notifications to them, so that city residents are always connected to their city’s pulse.


The solution consists of the following modules:

  • Control Panel: Represents the Notification management module sent to citizens allowing the creation of customized messages and the automatizară of their sending process;
  • Mobile app: Dedicated to city citizens and available free of charge on IOS and Android platforms in AppStore, respectively Google Play-City Health. With its help, citizens are notified in real time about the events in their city, but also the case of emergency situations;
  • ISU component: Automatic interface for transmitting alarm messages about weather, hydrological warnings and imminent disaster warnings received from the Emergency Inspectorate.


Technical specifications

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  • User Interface: HTML + JS (Angular 1.6.5);
  • Programming Technology: NodeJS, Express;
  • Database: Firebase;
  • Server operating system: CentOS (or other Linux distribution).

The solution is a standalone application and as a separate module in the City Health application, based on the Firebase platform, to allow for easy scaling and development of the solution, as well as easy interfacing with other information consumers: Mobile applications, SMS handling systems, etc.

Warnings automatically sent via SMS by ISU are directed to a special number and are managed based on an SMS handler that parses text and transmits to a server that then sends it forward as a type of “push ” notification towards citizens.

Regarding hardware, the solution is installed on the server on which the City Health application is installed and works according to the technical specifications of the basic application.

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  • The application sends real-time notifications to city inhabitants;
  • Information on the location of events is provided;
  • The application warns citizens about areas where there are different manifestations of force majeure.
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  • 225 ISU alerts;
  • 1 additional information sent by Alba Iulia Municipality.