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Alba Iulia, RO

Project Details

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ChatPiper is a self-hosted chat support solution. Compared to traditional support by phone, at least until the large-scale adoption of artificial intelligence for voice reading, a chat solution has the advantage of searching the messages of an entire conversation, the possibility of transferring files and Sending information usable on a computer (web links, phone numbers, appliances photos).
The presence of a chat window on a website encourages the user’s increased interaction with the services offered and complements the functionality of the site by providing a direct path to problem solving. The site of Alba Iulia City Hall has no direct contact mode except by phone call. ChatPiper, developed by Whitecity Code, in partnership with the German firm CCMValue, offers free installation and use of a chat program that is directly connected to the city’s Support Center.
The Chat window present at the Web address of the city Hall will link the citizen with the call-center operators for information on the use of the municipality’s digital services. Conversation information is stored directly on the local administration’s servers for analysis and use in improving services to citizens.

ChatPiper is a Web application dedicated to citizens and the Municipality of Alba Iulia.

Technical specifications

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The ChatPiper application is developed as a self-contained JAR archive for ease of installation, maintenance and portability.
When running this app, it exposes a secure Websocket server that allows for transparent connection of multiple Web clients, from server application to mobile apps.
Server side was chosen as a development language Java, using Javalin as the REST framework, Maven for dependency and build management and Javalite suite for persistence and migrations.
The administration interface and the Embeddable Chat window are developed using ELM’s functional programming language, which provides desirable features of fairness for front-end languages. The WhiteCity Code developer is one of the few in the country using functional technologies, although they are very popular outside the country. The interface is resizable using Bootstrap 4 and is designed as a Single Page Application self-contained.

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As a “chat support” solution, ChatPiper contributes significantly to improving communication between citizens and the municipality, being installed directly on the website of the Alba Iulia City Hall.
ChatPiper allows direct communication between citizens and the municipality through a chat platform that will work 8 hours a day during working days.
At the same time, the solution will allow online file transfer as well as citizens ‘ signaling of existing problems at the city level.