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Bucureşti, RO

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Vezi galerie foto

Photography is one of the most impactful ways to convey emotion. Together with our partner – Cewe company – we want to bring more emotion between people, in the context of digitalization that we have proposed as the main goal of the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City. In a smart city, people are the most important, and in a world that crosses the digitalization stages, we want the emotion to remain the main vector that connects us to each other and makes us more human.

Cewe applications combine the digital environment with the offline environment in an absolutely unique way, making digital photography a classic photo, thus addressing a challenge for ages that are just initiated in the digital environment to print their emotions in a classic way using the DIGIPHOTOMAKER equipment. At the same time, the smart solution comes with a challenge addressed to young people to return to the photograph printed and to experience and rediscover, in this way, the sensation and excitement that the classic way of storing memories offers.

Printing instant photos equipment DIGIPHOTOMAKER is an all-in-one complex system empowered to receive digital photos directly from your smartphone or other memory media and print them in seconds free of charge. We want this smart equipment to be used intensively during the events carried out in the Alba Carolina citadel to make everything happen on the largest outdoor event scene in Romania.

The municipality thus offers tourists and to the citizens, innovative and interactive ways to discover and promote the city. More than 95% of digital photos remain in the digital environment. Through this project, a perfect link will be achieved between digital photography and the memory that remains “in hand”.

Technical specifications

Vezi galerie foto


DigiFotoMaker is a robust all-in-one printing photos directly from the phone via Bluetooth technology through the Cewe application or via MiniUSB cable.

The equipment has a Full HD touchscreen, and the printing of photos is made of photo paper and special color film.

Cewe DigiFotoMaker in the media

Vezi galerie foto
Vezi galerie foto


The debut of the Cewe DigiFotoMaker solution was made at the artFEST100 Art Festival, conducted at Alba Iulia from 8 -11 November 2018. The equipment was located in front of the art galleries at the 3rd Gate of the Alba Carolina fortress. More than 100 artists, volunteers and passers enjoyed their performances and printed their personal photos.

The equipment was also used by albaiulieni and tourists, with the number of photographs printed reaching over 1500 copies. Representative images can be viewed in our photo gallery.