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The BOX2M solution performs the monitoring of utilities infrastructure and other critical infrastructures, through an innovative concept, a non-invasive installation and a competitive cost.

The idea of this solution came as a response to the standard solutions for measuring and monitoring the parameters of industrial infrastructures, solutions that are rigid, closed, costly and equipment supplier dependant, but also as a consequence of the professional background of the founders, owning significant expertise in the integration and management of complex technological systems.

For this reason, BOX2M is a start-up that was selected in the Orange Fab program and accepted as partner of the Orange Group.

The BOX2M solution consists of a IOT industrial equipment specialized for utilities networks, which can perform multiple functions, including transmission over various technologies such as existing (GSM, UMTS, LTE), state-of-the-art (LTE-M, NBIOT, LORA) but also for special applications (satellite, TETRA) and a suite of software applications running over a specialized telemetry platform.

The equipment can be easily managed by other IOT platforms, such as Orange LiveObjects.

The telemetry platform can also work as a middle wear or front end, can operate in cloud or on client’s location and has a high degree of integration with third-party applications (GIS, ERP, CRM, billing).

The suite of applications running over the telemetry platform has specialized, customizable and useful functions for city energy management: advanced reporting (carbon footprint, consumption, usability, comparisons), energy consumption prediction, Smart Maintenance.

Both the equipment and the platform can work integrated together but also independently. The solution is scalable from the point of view of the number of equipments, locations, regions, users, or number of circuits measured.

In Alba Iulia Smart City project, the solution developed by BOX2M on Orange infrastructure (connectivity and IoT platform) monitors in real time the consumption and quality of energy supplied in two ignition points of the public lighting system, serving 101 Intelligent LED Lighting lamps, managed remotely via LoRAWAN communications and through the InteliLIGHT remote management system.

Complementary to the InteliLIGHT public lighting solution, BOX2M allows the municipality of Alba Iulia and the public lighting operator significant reductions in the energy acquisition invoice, reduction of efforts (cost, time) maintenance, alerting on incidents, real-time auditing and structured interfacing in a BIM (Business Intelligence Model) management system that is one of the basic elements of a “smart territory”.

Technical specifications

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  • Fully-planted equipment of industrial standard, consisting of an automation panel containing the components of power, protection, measurement, communication and installation components.
  • The equipment shall be installed by an ANRE authorised team, which may be coordinated by the lighting operator, a third party or one of the usual BOX2M contractors.
  • The equipment is duplex connected to the cloud platform.
  • Both the equipment and the platform already have a proven maturity in the field, BOX2M having implementations in another intelligent city, in factories, in data centers, in retail but also in the Orange network, on several components of the internal infrastructure.
  • BOX2M can design certain customized systems on demand, both equipment and platform being modular.

Box2M City Energy Management in the media

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Technical Benefits:

  • Reporting of load curves and energy balance
  • Reporting of the quality parameters of the electrical power grid
  • Detection of any fraud
  • Alerts to deviations over standards set
  • Reports in multiple formats
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Flexibility in number of locations, types of equipment, scalability, availability, communication interconnection and multiplatform

Operational and commercial benefits:

  • ISO 50001 Compliance, standard energy efficiency
  • Possibility of negotiating energy prices by hourly intervals
  • Control and elimination of deviation from standard parameters, extending the life of equipment and reducing the costs of replacement and maintenance
  • Easy expansion to different circuits (electricity, water, gas, agents, signals) and multiple applications
  • Multiple reporting
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Although recently installed, the BOX2M system allows:

  1. Identification of phenomena that may be further investigated, such as:

– Imbalance between power phases of the public lighting system, probably due to an uneven load in various historical stages of system development

– Overcoming the standard quality parameters of the supply voltage at certain times, which may directly affect the operating time of the equipment

  1. Energy management reports with very low granularity, which constitutes the basis for the estimation of high precision consumption and reduction of the energy acquisition invoice

The system can be easily expanded at a later stage by adding local equipment, regardless of the specifics of the objective (public building, flashpoint, other type of consumer or network of utilities)