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The BlocManagerNET platform is a set of applications that address the administrators of housing blocks and owners who live in such buildings. The solution is already used for more than 14 years and gathers users from 109 cities in the country (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Brasov, Timisoara, Iaşi, Bacău etc.) which manages over 545,000 apartments.

Our software aims to cover all types of operations that are encountered in managing an owners’ association (generation of payment lists, house and bank registers, consumption notes for counters, receipts and invoices, bookkeeping, penalty calculation, situation balances etc).

In recent years, several functions have been implemented that we can call “smart “. A few of them would be:

  • Possibility to pay maintenance at terminals PayPoint, SelfPay or via bank card;
  • Communicating with owners via email or SMS;
  • Online interface through which owners can see the association’s documents, how to apportion expenses, can introduce the indexes of water meters etc.;
  • Automatic retrieval of receipts from owners, from an excerpt obtained via Internet Banking;
  • Automatically insert invoices from vendors that provide these documents in PDF format;
  • Printing of receipts on thermal mobile printers;
  • Retrieving information about suppliers (ex: Name, address) based on fiscal code.

Technical specifications

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The platform for working with the owners associations has the following modules:

The BlocManagerNET program desktop application is the main part of the system. It installs on one or more computers with Windows operating system. It is used by the block administrator for data entry and processing. For download You can use the link:

The platform is the Web component of the system. It is primarily addressed to owners, however, has functions for the president, censor or cashier. The online accounts will be created by the administrator from the BlocManagerNET program.
There is also an Android app called “BlocManagerNET SMS ” available for free in the Google Play store. Its role is to allow SMS messages to be sent to the owners.

BlockManager Net in the media

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For citizens:

  • More transparency than the way the condominium is given;
  • Simplify how maintenance can be paid;
  • Easier communication with the administration.
  • transparency of revenue and expenditure is ensured by access to the e-block module on the computer or using the mobile phone and the BlocManagerNET SMS application;
  • possibility of tenants to declare online indexes of counters;
  • possibility to view the situation of invoices and payments, as well as other documents;
  • multiple ways to pay maintenance (with bank card, ZebraPay, PayPoint etc.).


For the municipality:

  • Fewer complaints at the office of Owner Associations Control;
  • Avoidance of fraud with tenants ‘ money;
  • Better relationship with more utilities providers.
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By working closely with the department responsible for the city, all associations of apartment owners in Alba Iulia were informed and invited to participate free of charge in the program until March 2018, 46 administrators participating and at course sessions in which the functionality and use of the platform were presented.

To date, 6 local associations use very good results, the usefulness being demonstrated especially in the case of large associations. Other associates are expected to join the free test program within the pilot project, and there are expected major improvements in the relief of calculations, their fairness, multiple payment methods, transparency of expenditure.