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Bucuresti, RO

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In Europe, traffic congestion costs EU administrations more than 100 million Eur/year, with 90% of Europeans saying that mobility in their region needs to be improved. European Commission report attributes around 50% of CO2 emissions to urban mobility.
Efficient parking management is a key element for mobility, but the ultimate goal of the solution being tested in Alba Iulia is to offer a better, pleasant and stress-free urban mobility experience.

By using ultrasonic sensors (instead of optical cameras) and advanced machine learning algorithms, the proposed solution is fully compliant with the all privacy protection legislation and can even operate in total darkness.
Two parking sensors and one traffic sensor are installed on the smart lighting poles, being directly connected to the gateways embedded in the luminaires.

Each parking sensor is capable of monitoring 6 to 12 parking spaces within a radius of up to 20 meters. The traffic sensor measures the traffic in up to four adjacent lanes, detecting and counting, in real-time, cars and humans.

One sound sensor, also installed on a Smart Lighting pole, monitors in real-time the sound levels in the city. Specific sound levels are displayed by a distinctive color /icon on the consolidated map providing a quick overview of the overall city conditions. Notifications and alarms can be triggered in case certain user defined noise threshold limits are passed.

In combination with uiTOP the following services can be provided:

For citizens:

  • monitoring in real-time the status of parking slots (occupied or free);
  • calculating the occupancy percent of the parking zone.

For municipality:

  • tools to supervise, analyze and act more efficiently in the traffic
  • logistics aspects of the city and quality of life of its inhabitants.

Technical specifications

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The solution uses secure and private M2M networks and implements highest encryption for sending data.

Parking Senzor:

  • Power Consumption: <8.0W;
  • Sensor size: D13.5 x 4cm;
  • Weight: <750g;
  • Optimal sensor mounting height: 5m;
  • Sensor beam angle: 80°;
  • Maximal Object distance: 15m;
  • DIN EN 60529 protection class: IP67;
  • Average coverage range per sensor: up to 20m;
  • Typical calibration period: 7 days.

Traffic Monitoring Senzor:

  • Monitoring of up to 4 traffic lanes;
  • Ultrasonic technology;
  • Power Consumption: <6.5W;
  • Sensor head size: D13.5 x 4cm;
  • Weight: <750g;
  • Optimal sensor mounting height: 5m;
  • Sensor beam angle: 80°;
  • Maximal Object distance: 15m;
  • DIN EN 60529 protection class: IP67.

Sound Senzor:

  • Connectivity: through the street light embedded gateway;
  • Operating Conditions: -33°C to 65°C;
  • Detection Range: 40 dBA to 110 dBA;
  • Sampling Rate: down to 1 minute.
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Smart Parking and Traffic Monitoring provides real-time information for optimal traffic planning, through O/D matrices, eliminating traffic jam, while improving search for parking space in addition to improving smart logistic services.

Noise Monitoring facilitates:

  • Real Time noise level information on city map;
  • Dashboards presenting the noise level;
  • Calculation of EU defined noise levels (KPIs – e.g. Lden);
  • Automatic notifications sent to authorities when noise limits exceeded or patterns identified (e.g. traffic accidents, gunshot etc.).

The proposed solution turns lights into profitable multi-purpose devices and increases the asset values:

  • Complete end-to-end solution;
  • Secure data processing;
  • Secure data transmission;
  • Secure hosting infrastructure;
  • Easy Plug&Play installation;
  • Neutral to the city architecture
  • One multifunctional system – no unnecessary product bundling;
  • One sustainable installation for multiple value added services.