Why Alba Iulia Smart City 2018

  • Because a millennial city, a symbol of Romanians, wants to convey on the occasion of the Centenary anniversary of the Union a strong, visible and credible signal of passage in a new stage of modernization and development of Romanian cities based on smart solutions
  • Because it is the first city in Romania and in Central and south-eastern Europe that has a Strategy for development projects 2014 – 2020 undertaken in collaboration with the World Bank
  • Because through collaborations with prestigious partners, there have been elaborated strategic documents necessary for the main directions of intelligent development (Integrated Urban Development Strategy, Urban plan, Sustainable urban mobility plan, Sustainable Energy Action Plan, Energy Efficiency Improvement plan, etc. available here )
  • Due to administrative capacity, it is the champion of attracting European funds per capita (more than EUR 200 million non-refundable funds in the last 10 years)
  • It is the first city in Romania holding a brand manual, a set of rules, recommendations and examples of the use of the city’s brand, which aims to maintain the strategic and visual coherence of the brand and to increase the visibility of the city at national level and International
  • City is a European destination of excellence officially recognized by the European Commission since 2012
  • It is the first city in Romania that has placed annually from 2013 in a transparent manner the spending of public funds under the analysis of the International Rating agency Moody’s
  • It becomes a valued tourist destination by making the most of the largest Vauban fortress in Romania, which includes unique national monuments and institutions
  • It is the city that has already completed projects that prepare the passage to a smart city (solar energy generators, intelligent public transport, selective waste collection, improvement of energy efficiency, etc.)
  • It is the city that has very good visibility at European level, as an active member of the Covenant of Mayors and in Horizon 2020 research and innovation projects, along with numerous municipalities, university institutions, research or prestigious companies
  • Through the diversity of the partners, the resourcefulness of the proposed solutions and the integrated approach, the Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 Project already has national and international visibility, so that many cities that address such projects funded by The European Commission (London, Paris, Genoa, Ghent, Trondheim, Utrecht, Berlin, etc.) requested information on this innovative project
  • By location, size, opening of local institutions and friendly business environment, is the ideal partner in testing solutions and technologies
  • It has a dedicated, young and dynamic team ready to work in multidisciplinary partnerships and to make necessary steps for implementing smart projects