For partners

  • The pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City 2018 is open to all institutions, companies ( from start-ups to multinationals) and citizens who want to actively engage in the project

  • Partners can test in a real environment, their current and perspective solutions, as well as community-wide benefits they bring to potential customers in an unprecedented, practical and convincing way.

  • Benefit from the support and infrastructure that the Alba Iulia municipality makes available to partner companies in the project in order to implement the solutions

  • Compared to various events (fairs, exhibitions, conferences) or expensive marketing campaigns, you get a very high visibility of the company, the solutions and the benefits offered by:
    • A promotion through media and presentation materials of the Smart City Alba Iulia Project
    • A promotion in numerous events dedicated to this topic, to which the Alba Iulia City Hall is a traditional partner
    • A visibility of your solutions at the level of other local communities by organizing a “great Exhibition of the Future” during the year 2018, which we estimate will be visited by thousands of mayors, hundreds of companies and millions of tourists
    • Promoting the solutions and results obtained in the online exhibition
  • Inside project, you can find valuable partners at the beginning of the road, or share ideas which can make major contributions to the development of new products and services

  • Based on the results obtained, you can improve and develop your solutions and you can promote them efficiently to other communities or companies

  • Considering it is the only Smart City National pilot project, you have enormous opportunities for development by using European funding allocated to the domain