For citizens

Smart City is the city that connects the people to everything that’s most important to make their lives easier. Through the Alba Iulia Smart City Pilot Project the city and its citizens benefit from the advantages provided by the new and innovative technologies. Alba Iulia Smart City is a project through which companies from various fields, especially IT, creative and communications industries are testing intelligent solutions that meet the diverse needs of the local community. On the one hand, through this way of collaboration the citizens are benefiting from new services and from immediate or indirect benefits provided by the intelligent solutions that are being tested, and the municipality develops future plans and strategies, being endowed with concrete data and tangible benefits of the solutions tested. On the other hand, companies, start-ups, academic actors or other partner entities have the opportunity to “try” the performance of their products and services in a real environment, thus having the opportunity to build a scalable business model, which can be replicated in any other city from Romania or abroad.

Through the Smart City pilot project, we aim to increase the quality of our inhabitants’ lives and to show that the infrastructure of future cities will not mean only the basic utilities with which a city operates. The widespread use of smart technologies transforms communities as a whole and also the way in which people interact with their own city. These are, in fact, the premises of a smart city: the channeling of technological advantages towards the concrete needs of the city and the possibility for citizens to make the most of the implemented solutions, either directly or indirectly.

With the occasion of celebrating the Centenary Year in Alba Iulia – “The city where the future was born” – we will place the digital foundation for another 100 years of Romania, celebrating 100 years of living history. Alba Iulia deserves to become a more communicative, business-friendly city, more integrative for better ergonomics and mobility, more accessible due to the intelligent solutions, more competitive, creative, efficient, productive and more inclusive for citizens. All the above mentioned will contribute, with the involvement of smart technologies, to the improvement of the  quality of life, improving public services and making the relationship between the community and municipality more transparent.