About the pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City

Alba Iulia, the city with a multi-millennial history, has often been at the forefront of technological progress.   The pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City aims to implement and test solutions dedicated to smart cities on the occasion of the centenary of the Great Union, but also to transmit from the city of Romania’s unification, a signal of passage to a new stage of development, based on technology and citizen focus.


Our differentiators

The pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City has several unique features.

First, it is the only project that unites on the basis of collaborative partnerships, governmental institutions (Ministry of Communications and Information Society), local administration (City Hall of Alba Iulia), institutions and units of research, universities, companies, associations and citizens.

Secondly, it should be noted that these partnerships are without commercial interests, the solutions being implemented and tested by partner companies, the local administration providing the necessary infrastructure and support.

Thirdly, unlike most projects dedicated to smart cities based on strategic consultancy and major implementations of one or two priority verticals, the pilot project tests on a small scale multiple solutions, which addresses most of the verticals of a smart city. This approach allows testing solutions in the real environment, selecting the most valuable and easy to develop solutions, forming a deployment and management team in a new technological field and sharing knowledge gained with other cities that address projects of intelligent development.


Main objectives

Similar to other projects developed in many cities around the world, Alba Iulia Smart City aims to intelligently use information, data and technologies capable of responding to the challenges of adaptability, flexibility, sustainable social and economic development, energy and environment. It is an already proven fact that integrating physical, digital and human systems into smart cities increases the efficiency of processes, reduces costs, improves quality of life, ensuring a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for citizens. Therefore, the Smart City project is expected to bring important benefits to the citizens of Alba Iulia, investors and tourists visiting the city.

At the foundation of the Alba Iulia Smart City Project, the strategy is developed according to the following documents:

  1. A smart, accessible and coherent city
  2. A green city with efficient public services
  3. A competitive and creative city
  4. A European cultural and tourism objective
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Society – Smart City Guide to Smart Communities (RO)

and other strategic documents developed lately (Mobility Plan, General Urbanistic Plan, Action Plan for Sustainable Energy, Brand manual, Local barometer, etc.) and studies like

Gehl Architects – Alba Iulia, towards a city for people and culture (ENG)

World Bank – Magnet Cities, migration and commuting in Romania (ENG)


The pilot project Alba Iulia Smart City is one of the most interesting in Romania, because it has already managed to attract many partners (to whom we want to send warm thanks for a special collaboration), which implements and tests dozens of intelligent solutions, covering virtually all the important areas of a smart city. We invite you to discover them and of course to test the most interesting ones on the page dedicated to solutions.

It also must be considered that in this moment, the Municipality is in contact with many other companies, institutions and municipalities, as an active participant at main smart city dedicated events and a resource of best practices and shared experiences for other smart city initiatives and projects.

We are convinced that on the basis of the pilot project, we will be able to identify local needs, available resources and the best solutions that can be integrated and developed widely, so that with the Smart City concept we will ensure the sustainable development of The Municipality of Alba Iulia and a better life for its citizens.

Join us!
Alba Iulia Smart City Team